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The gasoline litre will soon cost 16 roubles

the Prices for the Moscow gaz stations promptly grow. Their owners copy price lists every week. From the beginning of June of the price have already grown on half-percent. The litre of Ai - 92/ 93 already manages in 13 - 13,2 roubles, and Ai - 95/ 96 - in 14,2 - 14,4 roubles, but it only the beginning. Experts believe that by the end of month the psychological barrier in 15 roubles for litre 95 - go gasoline will be successfully overcome. And by September the fuel litre can read off scale for 16 roubles, informs the Newspaper . Until recently the gasoline price for refuellings grew more slowly, than cost price with NPZ, and now traders, according to analysts, aspire to eliminate this omission. Experts it is information - the analytical centre Cortes for last months already some times fixed substantial increase of street prices on gasoline: In first half of April, second half of May and twice in June (1 - 2 and 7 - on June, 8th), having denied optimistical forecasts of the colleagues, the prices expecting stabilisation for fuel by the summer (after sowing campaign end). Experts specify that the stocks of oil products bought in April at lower prices (in comparison with today`s) tank farms, to the beginning of summer have practically ended. If to consider seasonal prevalence of increase of demand for gasoline, and also deficiency of oil in the country from - for increases in its deliveries abroad, shortage of fuel and, as consequence, its rise in price - quite expected phenomenon. Thus experts name two factors contributing in a rise in prices for gasoline in Russia. According to an analyst of bank Zenith Evgenie Suvorov, it is the high price for oil in the world markets and expensive gasoline in the USA. Now gasoline is very favourable for exporting, and it is less profitable - to sell to the Russian drivers. Thus an analyst Zenith Does not exclude that the gasoline rise in price is influenced by one more factor - arrangements of the basic players in the capital market. He notices that fuel in Moscow rises in price faster, than in regions. Thus on the state which should supervise a price level on fuel and stop kartelnye arrangements players in the market hope a little. On search of petrol plots in scales of Russia it is impossible to name activity FAS impressing. Plot petrol kings the antimonopoly service has found out and has finished to court only in Stavropol Territory. And in this case fair, according to FAS, the prices at the local gas stations have held on hardly probable week after its verdict, and then have again spread upwards. In Moscow, despite monitoring of the petrol market, FAS signs of arrangement of fuel sellers yet has not revealed also comments on this subject does not give. And representatives of the companies - operators kartelnogo arrangement, certainly, deny possibility. NEWSru. com