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In the Moscow hospitals use « dirty blood »

Within last 8 years in a medical network of Moscow and Moscow suburbs the blood of donors infected with a syphilis and AIDS arrives. dirty blood not only pour to patients of hospitals, but also use for preparation of children`s inoculations against measles. About it it is told in circulation which was directed addressed to the public prosecutor of Moscow Region Ivan Sydoruka by one of its subordinates Elena Pchelenkova. In a basis of the reference to the public prosecutor its big research work on use problem " has laid down; dirty to donor blood in medicine and in manufacture of pharmaceutical production, informs the Newspaper . The work done by Elena Pchelenkovoj, is in own way unique: to very few people will come to mind to trace a problem of 8 years, to upholster with materials and documents thresholds of various departments, to listen to threats in the address and not to lose hope to find truth, marks the edition. Before receipt for work in Office of Public Prosecutor I was engaged in working out of computer systems of the account of the donors infected with various infections in territory of Moscow Region, - have told to the Newspaper the chief specialist of department of introduction and operation of computer facilities Mosoblprokuratury Elena Pchelenkova. - I knew that throughout last 8 years in Moscow suburbs, and not only in Moscow suburbs, mass infection of patients to which transfused blood of donors, patients not only a syphilis and hepatitises In and With, but even AIDS takes place. But the most awful in this history - under the available information, is saved till now probability of use dirty blood by manufacture of interferon and the antibodies used for children`s inoculations against measles . Without exaggeration it is possible to tell that on a map national security of the country is put, - Elena Pchelenkova speaks. - On law application ( About a donor service of blood and its components ) Moscow Region is for a long time out of a legal field. Of blood of donors situated near Moscow make raw materials for Service of blood of all Moscow region and the foreign pharmaceutical companies working in territory of Russia. Capacities of these companies, in turn, provide with vaccines and medicines the basic part of our country . In the materials given to a management of Office of Public Prosecutor for check, in particular, is available more than 50 notices from Moscow regional kozhno - a venereologic clinic (MOKVD) to Station of blood transfusion of the Moscow committee of public health services for 1997 - 1999. All donors specified in these notices, are sick of a syphilis, and many of them had time to hand over blood on some times. One of donors - the inhabitant of Serpukhov - has managed to set up a record: the infected plasma of blood from it was received by 20 persons. In total during this period the infected donors have made more than 140 krovodach, and the further way spoilt Bioraw materials from - for absence of centralised accounting of venereal patients frequently it was not traced at all. Blood consider pure in 3 months, however the latent period for a syphilis - about 6 months In Moscow regional scientifically - research clinical institute (MONIKI) of M.F.Vladimirsky and in scientific research institute of first aid by it. Sklifosovsky to the Newspaper have confirmed that the incubatory period for hepatitises In, With and AIDS definitively medicine is not defined till now. For example, the incubatory period of a HIV - infections can last 30 years, and at hepatitises this size and at all a variable. The latent period for a syphilis - that is time after which the horrible disease can be defined by means of reaction of Vassermana, - a minimum of 6 months. According to time position from February, 19th, 2001 About an order karantinizatsii donor plasma in establishments of service of blood of Committee of public health services of a city of Moscow Blood for transfusion can be used in 3 months. The document says that duration phases of a diagnostic window (i.e. impossibility of revealing of an infection by means of analyses) at various virus infections varies and on the average makes about 90 days. Proceeding from it endurance svezhezamorozhennoj donor plasma within 3 months in the frozen status at - 40 degrees, repeated inspection of donors and acknowledgement of negative results of the testing received at the moment of preparation of stored plasma, allows to consider karantinizirovannuju plasma virusobezopasnoj . Even to the person far from medicine it is not absolutely clear, as it is possible to reveal at the donor presence of the specified infections in three-monthly term if the incubatory period makes from half a year to several tens years. Cases of transfusion of the infected blood and manufacturing from it medicines and vaccines are described in the periodical of the Moscow society of experts transfuzionnoj medicine the Bulletin of Service of blood of Russia - Elena Pchelenkova continues. As she said, a current situation principal cause - absence of legal regulation between bodies of public health services of different subjects of Federation - Moscow and Moscow Region, however all it is fine known both Moscow regional, and to the Moscow city management of public health services. to patients nobody has told that they have caught a syphilis from - for blood transfusions to the Newspaper it was possible to talk to the people, which steels victims of a negligence of doctors and imperfections of diagnostics. Among them is both old men, and teenagers. But, as it was found out from conversation, former patients of medical institutions of Moscow and Moscow suburbs (for the clear reasons we do not name names), native did not suspect them that when - that have been infected. Four years ago 57 - summer Andrey Trofimov (the surname is changed) has laid down in one of the Moscow hospitals on operation for which blood transfusion was required. According to its widow, the man and has died, without having learnt that has been infected. Though it is not known that it is better, - there were cases when unexpectedly received summons with the invitation to visit regional kozhvendispanser led to terrible family scandals and even a suicide. Thus medical institutions frequently do not trouble themselves to inform the person owing to what it is infected, for example, by a syphilis, and regional KVD call such patients, as contactors i.e. simple clients a venereal disease dispensary. In Russia only one suffered from a negligence of doctors managed to prove the case in court In Russia unique precedent when suffered from a medical error it was possible - taki to prove the case in court is fixed, is has occurred 4 years ago in Penza. The tragedy has occurred in 2000 when 47 - operation on spleen removal was necessary for the summer woman. A spleen have safely taken away, but a month later at the analysis in the patient have found out a HIV. As it was found out, a terrible virus have brought at blood transfusion. Has been revealed, by the way, and the donor - spidonosets appeared the doctor of the same hospital. Despite presence in the criminal code of Russian Federation of corresponding article, criminal case have not raised, but lawyer Didenko managed to achieve large material indemnification of moral harm which has been paid the victim from the area budget. The court lasted half a year. According to the lawyer, it almost month has spent in library, studying the profile literature on a transfusion (blood transfusion medicine) as in court verbal duels with the main therapist of area laid ahead it. But medical podkovannost has helped not at once. In the beginning the court of October area of Penza has passed the decision not in favour of its client. The Board has agreed with it on civil cases of regional court also, and only the regional court presidium has cancelled the decision and has directed business on repeated consideration. The reasons of the previous refusals from the point of view of the law were absolutely ridiculous. The court took out decisions in favour of physicians, motivating it with that in the Russian courts similar affairs were never considered . The second argument was already familiar to us absence of the expensive diagnostic equipment . Use dirty blood in regions of Russia - not a rarity Use dirty Blood is not a rarity in the most different corners of Russia. In May, 1997 the big public resonance has called an infection case at blood transfusion in one of hospitals of Ministry of Railways of several patients a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Then Mosgorprokuratura was engaged in investigation of this case. As it was possible to find out to a consequence, physicians simply did not manage to find out a HIV - an infection in blood of the donor. The quantity of antibodies on which the virus usually comes to light, in blood of the donor was so insignificant that usual check has not shown presence of a deadly virus. In 2000 in Krasnoznamensky district hospital of Kaliningrad the seriously ill patient to the man needed blood transfusion. From - for deficiency of the donor blood prepared duly to the patient have poured the plasma which has been not checked up on a HIV. In 2003 in district hospital Hunts - Mansijska has been destroyed 116 litres of donor blood, in particular, 1,5 litres of a HIV - the infected, 22 litres - with a virus of a hepatitis With, ten litres - with a hepatitis In and more 9 litres - with a syphilis. Other raw materials have been rejected on biochemical indicators. marriage grows every year, but doctors continue to assure the population of security of tests In all similar cases an explanation same: scarcity monetary contentments which has not allowed to use the effective methods of diagnostics for a long time applied in the West. Understanding that marriage grows every year, doctors at the same time convince the population of infallibility the test - the systems applied at stations of blood transfusion and bringing possibility of infection to naught. Actually any guarantee that in similar cases vybrakovyvaetsja all infected blood, no. The data collected by employee Mosoblprokuratury Elena Pchelenkovoj bears to it. During the period with 1996 for 2001 Moscow regional kozhvendispanserom the blood transfusion, infected with a syphilis, to 325 recipients is officially registered. As confirms Pchelenkova, since 2001 such statistics in MOKVD simply is not conducted. From materials follows that many donors had been ill sramnoj illness not once, but despite of everything easy continued to hand over blood. NEWSru. com