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Draught deferments there is much less

a Working group under the direction of the assistant to president Igor Shuvalov on the instructions of the president undertook reforming of system of an appeal on military services. Experts now study two variants of changes. By the first variant since 2008 term of obligatory service will be reduced till one year, but the bases for clearing or a draught deferment becomes much less: will allow not to minister to only sick people or unique supporters in a family, the newspaper " informs on Wednesday; Sheets . The second variant and at all assumes reduction of service life of recruits to 6 - 9 months at the minimum bases for privileges and delays. On an idea of reformers, in this case the army should be transformed to educational institute and guarantee served additional skills and preferences: possession of the modern weapon, computer literacy, and also free higher education and receipt possibility on civil service. Developers of these scenarios from Shuvalov`s groups have refused to speak about them, as these are only working variants, which else can change seriously . But the source in Presidential Administration has explained logic discussed transformation: It is impossible to speak about defensibility of the country in which army minister basically sick and uneducated . In its opinion, a situation when children of the provided parents have possibility to avoid an appeal, having entered institutes, and to minister children of needy and unsuccessful families go, conducts to decline of army and strengthens social stratification. The source in the Ministry of Defence has assumed that reduction of service life to 6 - even under condition of cancellation of delays hardly will be pleasant 8 months to military men. The expert of the Center of the defensive information Ivan Safranchuk reminds that now the concept of military reform assumes gradual transition from an appeal to contract service. If the appeal is saved, contract system, most likely, will be extended only on serzhantsko - starshinskie posts or separate categories of elite armies - he speaks. And the rector of Institute of an educational policy Eureka Alexander Adamsky is revolted by prospect of cancellation of a delay on service in army for students and post-graduate students: In present conditions the service is a downtime, moral demolition, and if the army interrupts training process, it will lead to intellectual degradation . However, in to Shuvalov`s group recognise that for such changes should be the base " is prepared; is an eradication dedovshchiny and worthy financing. otherwise offered measures will not lead to due effect - one of developers speaks. The source in Presidential Administration agrees that movement should be the passer . The society should create civil institutes of control over army, and to the state - to put things in order in army and to create normal conditions of service. According to the Joint Staff, in 2003 10 % from total number of persons of military age are called only. Clearing on a state of health was received by 30 % of recruits, but problems with health were found out and in 50 % already called. The Minister of Defence marks low educational level of recruits - 40 % from them were from unsuccessful families. NEWSru. com