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The number of millionaires in Russia in 2003 has increased to 84 thousand persons

Number of millionaires in Russia has grown within last year for 5 percent - from 80 thousand to 84 thousand persons. Such data is resulted in the report published on Tuesday the Report on world mammon prepared by in common financial corporation Merrill Lynch and consulting firm Capgemini Groop. It already the eighth annual report in which world investment tendencies from the point of view of a financial status of individual investors are analyzed. And in calculation those people who hold over 1 million dollars in securities or on bank accounts undertake only. Cost of their real estate and luxury goods is not considered. In total in the world as of today 7,7 million investors is, whose financial actives exceed 1 million dollars. It almost for 8 percent more than in 2002. Their cumulative status is estimated in 28,8 trillion dollars. Most of all rich men - investors live in the USA - 2 million 272 thousand, or nearly so everyone 125 - j the American. In their all European countries 2,6 million However authors of research is notice that rates of increase of number of millionaires in the North America past year have made 14 percent, whereas in Europe - 2,4 percent. In Great Britain which is on the second place on number of millionaires, them army has increased to 383 thousand China takes the third place: thanks to extremely high rates of economic growth the number of investors - rich men has increased in this country in 2003 for 12 percent to 236 thousand persons. According to authors of the report, these indicators reflect higher, than it was expected, rates of increase of gross national product in a number of the countries, first of all in China, India, Spain and the USA, and also a complete recovery of the world financial markets after the recession which has begun four years ago. They predict continuation of a tendency to increase in number of investors - millionaires on a global scale approximately for 7 percent a year within the next several years. By 2008, experts consider, their cumulative financial status will exceed 40,7 trillion dollars. NEWSru. com