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In Saudi Arabia sisters became brothers

In Saudi Arabia to three sisters already have performed operation on the floor change, two more soon also become men, writes The Sydney Morning Gerald referring to materials of the newspaper of city of Dzheddy Okaz. According to doctor Jassira Dzhamala, it any more the first operations on change of a floor in the country, however for the first time such operation is spent simultaneously at five members of one family. The decision to operate women was accepted after tests have shown that at all of them man`s hormones more than female. Read Matbuli`s surgeon from Aziz`s clinic Abdelja has declared that in the country similar operations are resolved only in the event that at the patient find any physical defects. Any other reason of change of a floor is considered illegal from the point of view of religion and medicine . According to the relative of the sisters, decided to become men, at them now will appear more possibilities as life of women in Saudi Arabia is full of restrictions. Women are not authorised to drive the car, they are obliged to carry a certain kind of clothes and they are forbidden to travel without the permission of the father or the husband. NEWSru. com