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« Al - Kaida » the International terrorist grouping " threatens to kill the American hostage in Saudi Arabia Russian & World News.

; Al - Kaida has on Tuesday evening extended the statement in which threatens to execute the American engineer of the Floor Johnson grasped in hostages in Saudi Arabia past Saturday, informs Reuters. Now the hostage is live. The video record published by its thieves and shown on Tuesday on air by several broadcasting companies bears to it, including American CNN and Qatar Al - Jazeera. The film which has fixed 49 - the summer engineer of corporation Lockheed of the Floor of the Marshal - Johnson sitting on a chair blindfold in a profile to the chamber, was extended by one of sites of Islamites. On a tape the hostage names aloud the name, specifying that is the American. In the same place the man making the statement which person is latent by a bandage is written down. This person presented as the leader of branch Al - Kaidy on Arabian peninsula Abdulla Aziz al - Mukrin, shows to the authorities Ayr - Rijada the categorical requirement to release within 72 hours grasped in kingdom Mojaheds threatening to kill Johnson otherwise. if tyrants in the Saudi government want to provide clearing of the American hostage, they should release our Mojaheds who are in prisons. They have 72 hours (since Tuesday), differently we will sacrifice it - it is told in the statement. Terrorists say about the stolen American that it served helicopters Apache used in operations against the Palestinian and Iraq brothers and consequently merits death . Earlier terrorists have warned that will be converted with the hostage the same as in the Iraq prison Abu - Grejb And on the basis of the USA Guantanamos are converted with prisoners from among Moslems. Wished to remain not named the representative of administration of the USA has let know to journalists in Washington that the American authorities have concerned threat of life of the hostage very seriously . However the Saudi authorities have rejected the ultimatum Al - Kaidy . Any concessions to terrorists. The kingdom occupies such position throughout last 30 years - the assistant to the crown prince has told. NEWSru. com