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Long-legged women live longer, the British scientists have proved scientific

have proved that long-legged women live longer women with short feet. Research in which course scientists surveyed more than 4 000 women, has proved that higher and more long-legged women suffer affliction from heart troubles much less often. Long-legged women have heart attacks less often, scientists have proved. Scientists believe that high growth, in many respects, is caused by a correct diet in the childhood. Young ladies who in infancy of mother nursed, also suffer affliction from heart diseases much less often. Scientists also have found out that daughters of non-smoking parents grow much better, and heart troubles at them much less, writes The Sun. According to the data of scientists from Bristol university, with increase feet on 4 sm are long, the risk of heart attack decreases for 16 %. Feeding by a chest, correct diet and non-smoking parents - all it positively influence growth of bones that, in turn, positively influences health - one of researchers - doctor Debbi Lolor speaks. The most long-legged woman registered in the book of records of Ginnesa - model of Adriana Sklenarikova. It is long her feet makes 124 centimetres. NEWSru. com