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In Portugal English fans have attacked police: it is arrested more than 20 persons

the second night it is noted in the Portuguese resort small town Albufejra (a province of Algarve, in the south of the country) by fierce collisions of football fans with police successively. As the British telebroadcasting corporation BBC, mass riots in which 400 persons have taken part nearby has informed, there were in the Portuguese city of Algarve in the same area of bars and entertaining clubs and under the same scenario, as collisions on Tuesday. The policemen who have arrived there for putting in order have been met by hailstones of bottles, beer glasses and plastic chairs. More than two hours were required to forces of law and order definitively to pacify the tipsy hooligans. As the representative of local police has informed, is arrested more than 20 persons. basically, it is English fans - he has added. It - already the second serious incident connected with infringement of a public order, in the European championship passing now in Portugal on football. On the night of Tuesday in Albufejre polices confronted about 200 hooligans, basically Englishmen. Then 12 persons have been detained, including one Russian, informs ITAR - TASS. It is necessary to notice that the Russian football fans in Portugal as a whole behave approximately. Only two cases of infringement of a public order from the Russian fans are fixed by the Portuguese police. Both of them have for June, 11th, day of mass arrival of Russians to Portugal. About it RIA News employees of time consular fast of the Russian Federation organised in a province of Algarve for the period of carrying out of EURO - 2004 have informed on Tuesday. One of the Russian fans brawled about hostel Marina Tivoli Where the staff of the Russian delegation settles down and the Russian football centre functions. Another has been detained by police about stadium Algarve prior to the beginning of a match between Russian national teams and Spain on June, 12th. Both infringers, according to consular workers, have been released already next day. No data on participation of the Russian fans in disorders and car accidents on which have informed some agencies and the Portuguese mass-media, at the Russian consulate are present. Thus on Tuesday the Russian consular workers disturbed by similar messages, as they said, have rung round all police stations of a province of Algarve and have not received acknowledgement to these facts. They do not exclude that speech can go not about Russians, and about Russian-speaking citizens of other countries whom lives in this region of Portugal much enough. NEWSru. com