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The first serious state of emergency at stadium « Pools » in Lisbon where on Wednesday

In Lisbon Russians and Portugueses play stadium Pools where the match between Russian national teams and Portugal on Wednesday evening will take place, there was a first serious state of emergency. At first in a premise located under tribunes, the suspicious bag has been found out. After that all employees of stadium where take place last preparations for a today`s match, have been urgently evacuated. On stadium sappers and other experts then it was found out have been called that the bag was empty. However almost at once after that protection has found out one more suspicious subject. According to policemen, now necessary actions within the limits of the antiterrorist program " are spent; passes ITAR - TASS. The second suspicious subject already deactivated, it will be taken away on inspection. Evacuation of employees of stadium has been spent literally in half an hour after training of Russian national team has in the field ended and has taken place a press - conference of head coach George Jartseva. On Wednesday at 22:45 Moscow time at stadium Pools in Lisbon Russians will meet Portuguese national team in a match 2 - go tour of a preliminary stage of the European championship over football. All 65 thousand 647 tickets for this meeting are sold for a long time. Under messages of the Portuguese mass-media, on a match which will take place on Wednesday at Lisbon stadium Pools will be present about 10 thousand Russian fans. It is curious as well that fact that the first channel of the Portuguese television will begin the reporting on this meeting for an hour and a half to its beginning. For both commands forthcoming game will be solving. Defeat practically will deprive also of those, and other chances of an exit in a quarterfinal. Russians and Portugueses on EURO start - 2004 have suffered defeats. The first have conceded to Spanish national team (0:1), and Luis Felipe Skolari`s wards have sensationally lost to Greeks (1:2). Thus, victory, however a drawn game is necessary to commands will be not the most bad result as such exod gives up hope of an exit from group and to Russians, and owners of EURO - 2004. Till now the Russian national team never met Portugueses, but the Soviet football players played with the team this country four times. Statistics of these meetings obviously on the party of the Portuguese national team: three victories at one defeat, but what - 0:5 in Moscow in 1983 in elimination match CHE - 84. In a reciprocal duel compatriots of well-known Ejsebio took a revenge with the minimum bill and as a result have won first place in selection group, and the command of the USSR, having lagged behind on one point, has not gone on that European championship. In two other meetings Portugueses also were stronger - 1:0 in a companionable match and 2:1 on CHM - 66. On Wednesday in Lisbon it is extremely necessary for Russians to break tradition unpleasant for though will make it absolutely hardly. In - the first, on the party of the command of Skolari there will be a support of the fans (as, however, and on all tournament). In - the second, Russians after the first game with Spaniards had essential losses. The defender Sharon`s Novel will pass a match in Lisbon from - for removals in a duel from Spanish national team, and in the conditions of deficiency of players of defence will compensate its absence uneasy. The defender Moscow " should become the most probable replacement to Sharonov; a Torpedo Alexey Bugaev about what the trainer of Russians George Jartsev already spoke. Besides, it has been on Tuesday morning officially declared that halfback Alexander Mostovoj is deducted from a national team for criticism of work of a trainer`s staff. Will replace However, the veteran easier as at the disposal of Jartseva suffices havbekov the central axis (Dmitry Loskov, Vladislav Radimov, Igor Semshov). In - the third, the motivating at players of Portuguese national team will be not less, than at Russians, after all the absenteeism from group for owners of EURO - 2004 becomes the present tragedy. One more factor which on Wednesday can turn back against the Russian national team, this possible prejudiced refereeing. It is clear that the departure of Portugueses at an early stage of the championship will entail sharp recession of interest of local fans. To judge a match Russia - Portugal there will be Norwegian Tere Hauge for whom it will be a debut in final tournaments of the European championships. NEWSru. com