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Bekhem will continue to beat a penalty, despite failure

the Captain of English national team David Bekhem to continue to beat 11 - metre blows despite failure in a duel against French national team in the European championship in Portugal, the British newspaper The Evening Standard informs. English national team has conceded In the match first for to the operating champion of Europe with the bill 1:2. On a course of a meeting wards of Svena - Jorana of the Ericsson conducted 1:0, and could increase the advantage, however Bekhem could not hammer in a penalty to the former clubmate Fabenu Bartezu. According to Bekhema, it will continue to beat a penalty even if he will not hammer in four more successively. If we receive chance of one more penalty, I again will approach and I will punch, - Bekhem has told. Is that way which I solve problems . It is curious that in a meeting against Frenchmen of Bekhem has not hammered in the second a penalty successively. Some time ago Englishmen played a companionable match against the command of Turkey and then in gate of bronze prize-winners CHM - 2002 has been appointed 11 - metre blow, informs RIA News . However from - for rainy weathers the captain of English national team could not punch precisely on collars, having slipped directly before blow. there are unpleasant things which pursue me throughout the long period, - David Bekhem has told. - However I will continue to live and play football how I consider it necessary. Nothing will break me . In the European championship in Portugal English national team will spend the following match on Thursday, on June, 17th, against Swisses. The match will take place in Coimbra. NEWSru. com