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Switzerland has legalised absinthe liqueur after 96 - a summer interdiction

the Parliament of Switzerland has voted for absinthe liqueur legalisation - the alcoholic drink, many decades were forbidden in the country and some other European states from - for prospective negative actions on mentality of the person. 142 voices against 13, the Swiss members of parliament have cancelled the interdiction accepted 96 years ago for manufacturing and sale of last century of a drink rather popular in the beginning about which hearings went that it has ostensibly driven mad or even suicides of many people known at that time. In 1908 the government of Switzerland has forbidden a drink after one worker in a sudden attack of madness has killed the wife and children. Then the Swiss authorities have considered that absinthe liqueur action became the reason of this tragedy. Actually the absinthe liqueur representing actually polynnyj moonshine or polynnuju spirit tincture (a strong hold - 70 degrees), contains an insignificant share of natural substances which can call time infringements of mentality, and drink sufficient for this purpose quantity of a drink, without having received the strongest alcoholic poisoning, it is almost impossible, informs RussianNY. NEWSru. com