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Bathing camouflage

Ichthyologists have thought up a simple and effective way of protection against sharks. It is not necessary to build fences and to frighten sea inhabitants of ultrasound. All is very simple: to enough person to dress a diving suit of colour of a sea wave, and zubastye predators will not attack it.

the secret is simple: at sharks, as well as at dolphins, seals and whales, the eye cannot conceive colour. And it is black - a white visual field of sea inhabitants easily to become imperceptible - it is necessary to dress a special camouflage only.

this dodge most easier to use to divers - fans of diving swimming so usually plunge in long neoprenovyh overalls. For comfortable swimming among sharks it is necessary to take to itself model sine - green colour.

to other bathers, at which   by a fabric it is covered it is insignificant a small part of a body, will mask under water more difficult. For them more actual standard safety precautions regulations: Not to swim away far from coast, not to come into the sea in a night-time, not to bathe with fresh scratches and in « problem days » to leave ashore jewelry - other shark can and on brilliantik to peck, avoid places where fish. If all it to carry out and not to lose heads with holiday happiness, water procedures will be quite safe.