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Alina Kabaeva has shown the master - a class to the vladimirskiy gymnasts

the Well-known gymnast, and in combination the deputy of the State Duma (fraction « an United Russia ») Promised to arrange the master - a class in Vladimir.

  And though Alina Maratovna was late on the journey, it has all the same communicated to children. In group exercise one of girls has dropped a ball, and then all remained performance was without a smile.

- Julja, do not cease to smile never, - Alina Kabaeva has advised. It is very important during competitions. It is not known, how other rivals will act, and the smile can play an important role at exhibiting of estimations.

Much more advice the former gymnast, and now the deputy has given 10 - summer Angeline Shkatovoj who acted with a hoop.

- it is necessary to do All on direct hands, here so! - Alina Kabaeva spoke. - And more, well - ka make kuvyrok!

However the girl could not understand in any way what exactly it does not so.

- Khm, I in a skirt, and would show that, how kuvyrok correctly to make. But you all the same the good fellow. I see, at you the excellent data!

And Alina Kabaeva has embraced the girl. That zardelas from pleasure.

- the Most difficult victory at me was in Athenes with a tape, the champion remembered then, answering questions young « artists ». -   There it was very stuffy and damp, and in a hall always included the conditioner. From - for it the tape flied not there where it is necessary. I then have understood that the one who can cope with a tape, will win the Olympic gold. And it has turned out at me. On a broader scale, never, girls, be not angry with the subjects. Otherwise they at midpoint of you will betray also to you will revenge.

rhythmic gymnastics Level in Vladimir was pleasant to the deputy. And she promised to help school with financing as as she said at school it is necessary to make more many.

- Trainers have told that in halls there is no ventilation and there is no boiler-house, from - for what sometimes at school there is no heating. I will try to solve this question.

After Alina Kabaeva has gone further. It still should meet trainers and representatives of legislative and executive power of region. Then it came back in capital.

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