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Novosibirsk teachers will get own base of rest

From words - to business

With the offer to create at the mayoralty of Novosibirsk social council concerning education the director of lycee 9 George Filimonov was converted. What for such body is necessary to Novosibirsk? According to workers of an education sphere, it can become a good platform for detailed study of all questions and the decisions, concerning pedagogical process. Thus in advice can take part not only employees of schools, but also the wide public, in particular - parents. By the way, similar advice is already at many schools of a city, and practice shows that they positively influence education process.

- Idea, of course, good, but has put this serious and demands careful study, - Vladimir Gorodetsky has noted. - I will make the order to create special working group which all will weigh and will solve, how much in Novosibirsk such advice is necessary.

From work questions - to rest questions. Participants of club of young teachers who more than once acted with the initiatives directed on perfection of educational system of Novosibirsk, have raised the question now about where and how to have a rest to teachers of Novosibirsk.

- We know, how young teachers give all the best, and work at the teacher difficult, - the representative of club Sergey Turchinenko has commented on idea. - And if the teacher does not have possibility is high-grade to have a rest, at it the internal state worsens, for weariness it becomes irritable, and certainly, it is reflected at once in work.

to solve a problem, teachers have suggested to create on any base the special centre of rest for young teachers. As a variant - base not working nowadays « the Camomile ». The mayor has supported the initiative, however not in all.

- Postojte, unless is fair to create the rest centre only for young teachers? If to work over such project it is necessary to make so that it was accessible to all teachers. And here rest programs should be different, depending on age, - Vladimir Gorodetsky has underlined. - now winter and to examine base it is impossible, therefore I suggest a question to postpone. In the spring we will look that there already is, we will understand, what particularly should be enclosed means in creation of such centre of rest, and we will start to work. I think that will execute this project really only to summer of next year. But you too do not sit in place - develop the plan that by the spring it at you was already ready.

One more important question was lifted at a meeting with the mayor by the principal - a boarding school 133 for children with backbone problems. Pupils of this establishment are urged to combine study and rehabilitation actions. For this purpose they need to move constantly between two cases of a boarding school - from the educational case in medical - sleeping and back. Meanwhile two buildings divide 100 metres, and during cold time such transitions become the present test for children. According to the director of a boarding school, between cases it is necessary to construct covered heated transition. The mayor has supported the initiative, he intends to visit personally in the near future educational institution and on a place to understand with the given problem.

All requests and offers will be heard

All on reception to the mayor 10 educators have come. Someone has shared offers how to improve in Novosibirsk educational process, and someone has come to tell about personal problems. According to the mayor, it does not disregard any request.

- I not take the first year personal receptions of townspeople, and not only on geographical - in different disctricts of the city, but also by a branch principle, - Vladimir Gorodetsky has explained. Is allows and to solve private questions of people, such as material aid granting on treatment, and to feel, than there lives the concrete branch, what problems stir, for example, teachers. Pleases that the new generation which has acted with such project as a symbol - a monument to the teacher, - it is already realised has come to schools. Now new idea - the rest centre. Certainly, always it is necessary to start with our real possibilities, including budgetary. But I appreciate that townspeople are converted with the requests and offers.