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The Chelyabinsk surgeons have performed unique operation on a kidney

Such operations in our region before did not do. And on all country of similar medical exploits it is possible to count no more than ten. And almost all of them were made in large federal clinics.

And now and our Chelyabinsk surgeons can brag of invaluable experience.

— At the patient one kidney has already been removed, and on the second have found out tumours, — Evgenie Poltorak tells managing surgical branch of the Chelyabinsk regional hospital. — Earlier to it simply would remove the second kidney and have replaced the donor. And it would threaten with set of problems: constant hemodialyses, surveys … And any guarantee that another`s body will get accustomed. But now all surgery aspires to « organosberezheniju » we try to cut as less as possible.

Here the Chelyabinsk doctors also have dared at unique operation. Have tried to save a kidney, having cut out tumours.

— last year we have mastered transplantatsionnuju technology, — Evgenie Anatolevich continues. — in the given operation this experience also have applied. We have taken out the amazed body and have subjected it holodovoj to preservation (that is have frozen as it occurs at transplantation — the Comment of Red.) . By means of optics have cleaned all tumours, as much as possible having saved healthy fabrics. And then body have defrozen and have returned into place.

Complexity of such manipulations that the kidney is plentifully supplied with blood, the patient can simply not transfer operation — to die of a bleeding. Therefore doctors also needed to take out body. A kidney have cut from blood vessels, and the cold has provided its safety. After removal of tumours body have returned into place, having included it in a blood-groove.

Operation lasted 9 hours. And four first class experts of the Chelyabinsk regional clinical hospital conjured with patient Oksana.

Now the woman has already left and at home, though and quite often comes on surveys.

Doctor Evgenie Poltorak and its patient Oksana Nikolaevna.
the Photo: Valery ZVONAREV

— At me big and an united family and to become donors my mum or the daughter, &mdash wanted; Oksana Nikolaevna tells. — Nevertheless, I have trusted in doctors and have agreed on such operation. Now I feel well. To me the diet only is registered, well and recommend to work too much not too. I am ready to live further.

After removal of tumours from Oksana`s unique kidney there was only half. But also it suffices adequately to function and deduce from an organism slags without connection to the device « an artificial kidney ».

By the way, such technology « frosts » it can be applied and in operations on other bodies.