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the cooperation Purpose - socially - economic development of region

Vjatsky trading - the industrial chamber and closely co-operates for a long time with factory of mineral fertilizers, and cooperation it concerns sets of directions   - from participation in conferences VTPP before assistance in questions of export of production of factory. On a press - conferences on January, 19th the operating director « ZMU KCHHK » Sergey Drinevsky and the president Vjatsky trading - industrial chamber Nikolay Lipatnikov have told about teamwork.

Opening action, president VTPP Nikolay Lipatnikov has noticed that throughout many years the chemical industrial complex is an active member Vjatsky TPP. He has especially underlined its significant role in the decision socially - economic and region environmental problems. 2011 for the company « URALHIM » the special. At the initiative of the International union of theoretical and applied chemistry and UNESCO it is declared by the international year of chemistry.

« Our enterprise in region is the largest, including under the contribution to formation of the regional budget, we consider that the international year of chemistry becomes event and for the Kirov region » - Sergey Drinevsky, the director of branch « has explained; KCHHK » Open Society « OHK « URALHIM » in Kirovo - Chepetsk. And to underline a chemistry role, in Kirovo - Chepetsk there will pass a series of the planned actions. In the plan carrying out of open lessons by experts ZMU and competition scientifically - research works in chemistry and ecology among schoolboys, participation in the Olympic Games organisation in chemistry in Kirovo - Chepetsk. According to Sergey Drinevsky, in 2011 the special attention will be given participation in joint projects with VTPP. To connect a science and manufacture – one of problems which intend to solve joint efforts. On Kirovo - as Chepetsk industrial complex shots which differed high level of technological and scientific preparation always worked, unique scientists here worked. And all it allowed to be engaged in system perfection and manufacture upgrade.

« After 2008 we consider each copeck, at the same time understanding that if we will not have scientists and operating time, we remain on a place, we will not develop. Now at the enterprise the big ruler of fertilizers, unique technology, at level of the advanced foreign companies. The problem on a maximum to use possibilities of factory and those people who here work, - Sergey Drinevsky has underlined.   - Ways a little: or to improve process, to reduce production costs and to increase productivity, or to develop new kinds of production which will be claimed by the market and which probably to let out on our equipment. We move in this direction, there are operating time, but a question - as quickly. Without state support, only at the expense of own means, it is process long ». Own scientifically - the industrial base, serious investments in manufacture allow the enterprise to reduce considerably ecological risks and to raise overall performance. The factory actively participates in government programs   - there is a joint project under power savings with « Kirovregiongazom » and « Gazprom » presented at conference VTPP, on upgrade gazoraspredelitelnoj stations which will give to factory considerable economy. In the program of capital investments for 2011 there are the high technology projects, concerning decrease in emissions in environment – at factory work with project institutes which study research and development - offers of a complex solution of a problem is conducted. Considering long-term experience of the enterprise on the basis of modern scientifically - technical workings out, the parties have come to idea about joint coordination of efforts in creation of regional branch of the Russian academy of natural sciences. The presented offers have found approval at the President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences O.L.Kuznetsova.

« the Essence of this business, – Nikolay Mihajlovich, &ndash has explained; to connect efforts of scientific applied institutes and a high school science to real experts who is inclined to innovations, to introduction scientifically - technical workings out. To solve this problem without interest of the party for the sake of which, the science finally works, it is impossible. The Factory of mineral fertilizers KCHHK » can become an important link in this chain;. According to Sergey Drinevsky, thanks to laborious and a permanent job on perfection, investments in manufacture and the upgrade of the equipment spent during annual major repairs, 2010 for « Factory of mineral fertilizers KCHHK » was rich on records. So, among the basic indicators of work – preschedule release of million ton of ammoniac saltpeter and million ton of ammonia. Successes of the company in last year have been noted by the International Advice of chemical association the certificate « Responsible care ».

Concept « Responsible care » for the company – it not only the industrial moments. Holding social policy « URALHIM » – these are concrete items of expenses. In particular, in June, 2010 forces ZMU had been opened a new nursery for children of workers of the enterprise. During 2 - 3 quarters 2011 the factory will receive a part of apartments in the new house which building was conducted with individual share ZMU. The administration considers a variant of delivery of new habitation in social employment at the expense of enterprise means, and also sale possibility to its workers of factory by instalments or under the cost price. Do not remain without attention and veterans of the enterprise.

« the Special care at us was and will be about veterans. We will be always grateful to these people for their contribution to building and factory formation » - Sergey Drinevsky has noted. Finishing a meeting, Sergey Drinevsky has noticed that at the enterprise close and old mutual relations with a chamber of commerce – interaction on government programs, operative interaction as regards the foreign trade contracts. In plans continuation of work within the limits of conference - exhibitions « Power savings » which annually spends Vjatsky TPP, consideration of questions of preservation of environment, improvement of an ecological status of territory and a number of other subjects.

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In 2010 ZMU has increased volumes of release of mineral fertilizers by 9,1 % to 2 million 169 thousand tons. On some products record release has been received. In the end of December, 2010 in shop 57 the million ton of ammoniac saltpeter is received. It has been let out less, than for a year. The shop 58 has reached record from the moment of building of manufacture of release of difficult fertilizers.    

ammonia Development has grown to 375   633 tons: growth concerning 2009 has made 27,8 %. Release of difficult fertilizers – 775   594 tons, growth – 9,1 %. The volume azotofosfata has increased by 43,3 % to 369   325 tons.