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Who will be responsible for ice in Izhevsk?

at first there was a snow from which did not know where to disappear. There was now other misfortune – ice.   the body aims to go in « free flight »   on the next lifting or descent – rescues only a vestibular mechanism, but not always. Under stories of our readers, people fall practically on all city streets – from Youth to Bottom. About street Bottom, 20 in a court yard simply skating rink. A similar situation and in other court yard of Izhevsk. City traumatology are overflowed - thanks the iced over streets.

- People go with crises of shins, anklebones, hands, clavicles, - the nurse of an accident ward on duty Olga Izmalkina tells . - basically it is pensioners. Will go out of doors behind bread and on slippery road fall. We work nonstop. In the second city traumatologic polyclinic already there are no places in female branch.

And if to break a foot on slippery road – who will pay?

Recently has occurred – the man left in a court yard by the car a backing and has quietly touched the old woman who went on sidewalk. Has touched absolutely hardly - hardly, but it has slipped, has fallen and has broken a hip. Now from this companion money though, as a matter of fact, he is not guilty demand. Are guilty kommunalshchiki which did not sand in time sidewalk. Who is guilty in this situation where to search for truth?

to Keep sometimes no trouble.
a photo: Paradise Ibragimova.

- If it has occurred in territory, which is fixed to a city administration to be responsible for it owe the companies - contractors, - the head of department of an accomplishment and transport of administration of Izhevsk Alexey Gorbachev makes comments . - They should watch the main roads and interquarter fares. Here in this case it is possible to bring an action against them.

Businessmen are not responsible for the territory

the Abomination road condition now and at city stops. Not clearly, as on a broader scale buses approach – ice nakat, and it is not simple nakat, and the whole ice slopes. And thus closely they do not approach on a stop – People should approach on ice to transport.  

- the City administration is responsible for a status only those stops on which trading pavilions are not established, - Alexey Viktorovich has told. - And here on where they are established, businessmen should watch a road status. If there all is bad, means they not very well work.

Now control over it will become tougher. Administrations of areas have started to work rigidly in this direction. Only when it will bring result – it is not known, maybe, and in the spring …

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If you were traumatised from - for ice, it is necessary to you:

1. To define, who is responsible for this territory – It is possible to learn in Administration of Izhevsk (if for it the contract organisation employed by administration) by phone responds: (3412 68 - 60 - 06.

2.   If the operating organisation has to watch territory or TSZH it is possible to learn in administration of your area:

- Administration of Industrial area: (3412 44 - 76 - 56;

- Administration of October area: (3412 59 - 99 - 03;

- Administration of Ustinovsky area: (3412 36 - 48 - 62;

- Administration of Lenin area: (3412 71 - 49 - 45;

- Administration of May Day area: (3412 78 - 55 - 39.

It is possible to name simply the address, on which you « have fallen » and to you will inform, who is responsible for the given territory.

3. After that it is possible and in court a tax on unfair workers. For this purpose it is necessary to submit the claim to district court. The judge should help with gathering of proofs, that is explain, it is necessary to show what documents to the claimant. The medical documents confirming the fact of a trauma, checks if treatment was paid will be necessary. And in the proof that you have fallen to territories of the respondent, the court too should help.