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Officials and power on Kuban compete under the salary with bankers

Judging by the data of regional statisticans, on Kuban has increased not only the salary, but also population stratification. On a game, as usual, financiers, builders, transport workers, rieltory (the complete list look in the table). In outsiders - experts of public health services, education and agriculture.

- But let`s specify at once: to assert that all teachers, doctors or waiters it is universal receive mizer, it is impossible, - Andrey Ivans, the expert in the field of macroeconomic and the finance warns. - it is important here that: now more than ever in the price « the piece goods » - that is experts in whom pay extra for their talent, experience and skill.

In bank of vacancies of edge there are offers not only for representatives   nizkokvalifitsirovannogo work, for example, loaders or yard keepers. There was a demand for medical staff of a younger link, sales representatives or welders. Seldom, but invitations to posts   nevertheless come across; chief accountants,   directors of representations, a top - managers. Salaries corresponding, but also requirements it is obvious above averages: language skills, modern computer programs and, of course, solid experience.

it is the most difficult to find a place in the sun to young lawyers and economists.

- We warn about it entrants, we try sorientirovat children on a correct choice of a trade that upon termination of high schools and ssuzov they did not remain without work. But traditionally highest competition at institutes on lawyers, managers and psychologists, - sigh in a regional placement service of the population. - and on a broader scale, concreters, masons, drivers, cooks and security guards are most claimed today.


17 thousand roubles average (« white ») The salary on Kuban. It is more for 12 percent, than one year ago.

According to Federal Agency of the state statistics of Krasnodar territory.

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