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The friendship connecting continents

Tim Allen and Joseph Otri have arrived to Perm not simply to stay for a while. Now our city became a place of significant event for all Russia. On January, 16th in the exhibition centre « the Perm fair » opening of the Cup of Russia on a snow and ice sculpture « has taken place; the Winter opening day ».

« I always the friend of Perm »

Tim Allen, by a trade the family doctor, in our city already the sixth time. It repeatedly came to Perm within the limits of the joint program « Healing children » - as the representative of delegation of leading physicians of children`s clinic Luis - villskogo university. And in 2005 - together with the Perm artist Vadim Skrylnikovym - became the winner of the Perm festival « Both snow, and ice, and plamen! » in a nomination « Snow ». Their sculpture « Where you, washing, my Cinderella? » has won first place.


Tim Allen (at the left) and Joseph Otri prepare « to cut all superfluous » from an ice block.
a photo: Irina MOLOKOTINA

Perm and Luisvill are pobratimami 17 years. And 10 from them in Tima Allen`s family there live delegates from Russia. Tima Allen`s focus of interest is various. Medicine, a sculpture, creation of stained-glass windows, astronautics. Gradually it masters also Russian. And the next visit to Perm - new possibility to fill up a lexicon. Communicating with Igor Sapko, Tim Allen tried to do without the help of the translator.

- Sometimes I the doctor, sometimes I the artist, sometimes I only the tourist, - has told Tim Allen on - russki almost without accent. - but I always the friend of Perm.

Mister Allen as the co-chairman of committee of the organisation « Twin towns Luisvillja » has highly appreciated pobratimstvo Perm and Luisvillja. The last years, in its opinion, were time of mutual enrichment and close friendship.

- it is remarkable that the authorities and citizens of both cities have found common language, study each other and closely co-operate, - Tim Allen has noted. Is it is well visible during various actions in Louisville and Perm. And many projects are already realised.

Sculptor Joseph Otri in Perm for the first time. Therefore all here is interesting to it. Certainly, first of all it was amazed with abundant of snow. In Louisville such snow winters do not happen. And the huge ice cubes established on a city esplanade (sculptors there work on the products), too have amazed its imagination. As he said, these blocks give open space for imagination and simply excite on creativity.

- the Most important thing for me in creation of sculptures - to follow call of the heart, - Joseph speaks. - if to speak about that work which I want to execute at the Perm festival it will be a three-metre figure of the person looking up, as though directed in heavens.                                                        

a power Problem - to organise dialogue

- We attach very much great value to our contacts to Luisvillem, - Igor Sapko has underlined. - This city became the first pobratimom to Perm. For us it is very important, that these friendly mutual relations poured out in concrete projects. The power main task not in that mayors went to each other on a visit, and in the organisation of wide dialogue. Cooperation should bring concrete advantage to inhabitants of twin-cities, in this case Luisvillja and Perm. Experience of Luisvillja has very much helped us with creation in Perm a city information centre (call - the centre) which is organised practically just like that exists in Louisville. One more project very claimed by youth, - an extreme - the park constructed in our city under drawings and according to those requirements which have been shown to similar park in our twin-city.

Relations of Perm and Luisvillja develop in the most different spheres. It both education, and public health services, both culture, and municipal cooperation. Now delegation Luisvillja takes part in an open Cup of Russia on a snow and ice sculpture. In the sphere of education the project on an exchange of students is realised. More recently in Perm there were the students of Luisvillsky university studying Russian.

- I met them, - Igor Sapko speaks. - Also it was pleasant that these children not only perfectly speak on - russki, but also fine understand our literature, know known Russian poets and writers. One more project which we carry out, is connected with training of doctors, including pediatrists, in clinics Luisvillja. I was the participant of the international project « the Open world » has visited many cities of the USA. And once, having come on a site of Gosde - partamenta the USA, has seen the exhibition placed there « Perm eyes of Americans ». For me it was twice pleasant. Very much it would be desirable, that at us was more than interesting, constructive projects and people of the most different age were involved in them. Now within a week at you will be simultaneously both hot, and cold it is time. We will be ill at once for two commands - Luisvillja and Perm. We will hope that our weather will be favorable for creativity. Let it will be moderately frosty, that by all it was perfectly worked also festival has presented to a city the present snow fairy tale.      

In January Luisvillja had a new mayor - Greg Fisher. Dzherri Abramson supervising a city 21 year, has left the fast. Nevertheless, as podcherk - nul Igor Sapko, pobratimstvo Perm and Luisvillja it will be continued, and both parties hope that cooperation of two cities will bring to their inhabitants the big advantage.        


Perm - capital « the Winter opening day »

Founders of an open Cup of a snow and ice sculpture « the Winter opening day » the committee on culture of administration of Perm and Noncommercial fund of sculptors of Russia « are; the Unification » with support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. In territory of Russia it is the first competition of a snow and ice sculpture having the official state status. It is the most significant in our country the international competition showing the basic creative achievements in the field of ice both snow sculpturing and variety of traditions of schools of art of a carving on snow and ice of the different countries of the world and regions of Russia.

In the Cup, the majority of sculptors - repeated prize-winners and winners of prestigious international competitions the best Russian and foreign masters of an ice and snow sculpture will take part in Russia and abroad. Twenty commands from Russia, Latvia, Czechia, France, Switzerland, the USA within a week will work over creation of the products from ice and snow. From January, 17 till January, 21st commands will create snow figures and ice sculptures on a city esplanade. On January, 22nd will pass a blitz - tournament of captains of commands in a subject « the Perm bear » and the jury will sum up the Cup. The winner will receive an honorary title « the Winner of the Cup of Russia » and the right to represent our country in the largest international competitions of a snow and ice sculpture.

- Carrying out of competitions on a snow and ice sculpture became tradition for the Perm winter, - Igor Sapko has noted. - It is pleasant that this event is interesting to all - both to children and adults. For us it is very important that our experience of carrying out of snow and ice festivals is estimated at federal level. Last year we had an opportunity to hold in territory of our city an open Cup of Russia on a snow and ice sculpture. In the budget for 2011 necessary means for carrying out of this sign action have been put. Very much I hope that Cup carrying out on a snow and ice sculpture in Perm becomes tradition. For this purpose, certainly, it is necessary to spend adequately it this year. And to show to other cities, on what Perm is capable.