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Biathlonist Darya DOMRACHEVA: My skis were not so are well prepared, as at other sportswomen

With Darya Domrachevoj you will not miss. No, this time it did not confuse a target and did not shoot standing there where it is necessary to shoot lying. At a World Cup stage in Antholtse Domracheva has surprised us with differences of the results.

In sprint it has occupied record for herself 60 - e a place, having sent « in milk » five shots from ten! It seemed, in race with mass start where it is necessary to shoot twice more, the next accident not to avoid, but there was a miracle - Darya became the unique participant of weights - start which has not missed never.

it is not surprising that on a finishing loop of Domracheva has taken off the leader, for 0,8 seconds advancing Frenchwoman Brjune. Already through some hundreds metres advantage of the Byelorussian has made 3,7 seconds. Probably, these minutes all of us already mentally congratulated Darya on victory. But Domracheva could not sustain high rate. At first it was caught up with the Frenchwoman, and then and the prompt Norwegian a Torah Berger which on an exit from a firing line conceded to Darya of 14 seconds. Unfortunately, during finishing spurt to sit down « on a wheel » to this duet at Domrachevoj of forces any more was not. Berger has won, having won the fourth victory successively in personal races, Brjune – the second, Domracheva – the third.

What`s happened why Dasha so has handed over on last circle?

- Today I am very happy with the shooting, especially after in sprint have admitted five misses, - we read its impressions on a site of the biathlonist. - but I am discouraged under the own steam, my skis were today not so are well prepared, as at other sportswomen, - such citation is resulted on a site of the sportswoman.

On pure speed Domracheva has conceded Berger 31 second and among the fastest skiers has occupied only 9 - e a place. Its same Brjune was better for 4 seconds.

And if we look for the speed Domrachevoj in the previous sprint race, there a picture even more sad – 17 - e a place. Backlog from German Henkel – 41 second. And Berger it has conceded the same half-minute. So, maybe, business not only in preparation of skis?

But Domracheva could and to win at such speed if shot faster. Berger and Brjune have bypassed the Byelorussian in rate of fire for 25 seconds. So a total third place Domrachevoj in weights - start quite naturally.

we Will notice that only Domracheva participated in weights - start where 30 best are selected. In the general offset of Domracheva occupies 11 - e a place. Other our biathlonists on - former are far from elite. Hope of Skardino – 35 - I, Lyudmila Kalinchik – 41 - I … At men the situation is much worse: Evgenie Abramenko – 47 - j, Sergey Novikov – 83 - j.

To the World championship which will begin in Hunts - Mansijske on March, 3rd, will pass two more American stages of a World Cup: in Lejk - Pleside (4 - on February, 6th) and the Fort - Kent (10 - on February, 13th).