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Season hit - valenoks!

- I can not buy to myself boots in any way - the small sizes quickly assort, - I have complained to the girlfriend.

- Buy valenoks - she has advised. - this year it is very actual. Even Vyacheslav Zajtseva`s models on a podium sport them.

Svetka - the big woman of fashion, however advice me has surprised her.

- Well, - I think, - really in our shoe something decent will appear, probably, usual grey yes black valenoks also galoshes should be bought to them.

But for conscience clearing to the nearest the day off has gone behind valenoks. It would be desirable as to buy « cheap but good » at once has gone there, where discounts - in « Monroe » on Kirov.

- And valenoks at you are?

- Is, to you what: adults or nurseries? Finnish, Russian, Belarus? - The seller has there and then showered me with questions, and I have understood - have come to the address.

- Actively take?

- Certainly! Look, cost cheaper, than boots, and warm better.

has to begin with decided to look at nurseries. Here there were also usual valenoks - as earlier, only with application sideways - Russian (from 670 roubles) and more modern - Belarus. Are decorated prjazhechkami, embroideries, applications. Here and « a valenok - a cat » and « a valenok - a whale ». All on rubber soles.

- And here the most sound, they to a minus of 50 degrees maintain a frost, - the seller to the following shelf, instead of it - krohotulechnyj valenochek conducts me, and costs more two thousand roubles.

Valenoks in Russia long since are considered now as the warmest footwear which is ready to warm feet in any frosts.

- That so is expensive, it only a valenok?

is Finnish, in it the special membrane which saves heat and interferes with hit of cold air.

Adult valenoks here too are, but they less presentable - dark blue, white, black. Under the form - as a stocking, but with punching and on a rubber sole (from 1390 to 1990 roubles).
Has gone to neighbours - to shop « the Easy step ». Here valenochkov it is a little - five pairs. The prices above look more interesting, but also. Pale-yellow, with an embroidery in all top - 3990, black quilted with leather rozochkami - 3210, one more chernenkie with pastes - 2790 roubles.

- Are good! - I have thought and have at last decided to turn in « Bank - a fashionable institution » - it is literally through road.

I have found the Most unusual and glamour valenoks here - white, pushistenkie, and the main thing, look on a foot simply remarkably, and a sole from poliuretana thick enough. It was already ready to buy, but has looked at the price list - 6450 roubles and … has remembered - after all there is at us a Yaroslavl felting factory. So why I should buy overseas valenoks for such denzhishchi, when local near at hand? Why they in shop are not present?

- We make not enough production, suffices only - only that shop at factory goods to supply, - the commercial director of factory Grigory Shmykov has explained. - there Are they at us from 300 to 800 roubles. By the way, that you see in shops, is not the present valenoks. Classical valenoks should not have seams on a top, and the thickness of felt should be necessarily identical at all parts of a product, differently it not a valenok, and a free variation on its subject. Come to us - look.

At times it seems that fashionable designers to please to us have decided to revive a fashion on valenoks.

without having regretted time, next day in a lunch break has gone on Tveritsky quay, 20 - to shop at factory. Has got well simply to Soviet period. Here to you and deficiency is available (for the seller there are all some styles) and service unostentatious - any show-windows that it was possible to consider. The choice is insignificant: all is grey - black, is on soles, is without.

- Day per day is not necessary, you to us still come, - has invited the hospitable seller. - at us after all and krasnenkie, and dark blue valenochki happen, very beautiful.
as a result I have gone in braginsky « Space ». Let valenoks here not such glamour as Italian, but same lukewarm, with an embroidery, and the main thing - cost cheaper three times, than Italian, and look very much even gracefully.


the Fashion on valenoks has come from Austria!

- Pay attention that in this season « on a game » not glamour, and, the democratic warm footwear is faster, - the fashion designer Olga Kameneva speaks. - At first on counters have appeared uggi, and then already and valenoks. And as the native land of the first - Austria I consider what exactly this country has affected a choice in favour of valenoks. Now, by the way, to buy graceful valenoks, than uggi much easier. Choosing itself valenoks, do not try to select them so that they approached to outer clothing, quite enough, if the footwear is combined with a handbag, sharfikom or gloves.