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The bus 135 on streets of Tver does not go any more

Till some time in Saharovo from « Southern » it was possible to reach on 122 - m and 135 - m buses. Their routes are almost identical, but two different carriers worked on them. Aspiring to get the big profit, drivers tried to overtake each other. Townspeople complained that from - for it on roads there are emergencies.  

Now in Saharovo goes only 122 - j the bus – the Department of transport and communication of the Tver region has made decision to unite two interchangeable routes. Besides, from the beginning of year on 122 - the m a route operates the uniform social ticket so loss social 135 - go a route was not reflected in exempts.  

Now on a route daily there are six buses 122 (before them was five). The bus route 122 passes from « Southern » in Saharovo through stations under Tchaikovsky prospectus and the Tver prospectus. Movement interval – about 20 minutes.

In Department of transport and communication say that after cancellation 135 - go a route inhabitants should not to feel a strong difference – in rush hours carriers start up additional cars, in due course the schedule promise to adapt according to requirements of townspeople.