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Kuznetsova and Skjavone have run record a tennis marathon

« a death Match » journalists have already christened a duel played in the Open championship of Australia by Russian Svetlana Kuznetsovoj and the Italian of Franchesky Skjavone. Competitors have spent 4 hours of 44 minutes on court, and this meeting became the longest in the history of Grand Slam tournaments. Though first special preconditions to that the historical duel is played, were not.

at first the Italian winner last year`s « Rolan Garros » took the first set - 6:4. Then the Russian winning « Rolan Garros » in a year before last, the bill has made even - 6:1. Truth even on this set 53 minutes have left. And here the present fight has then begun.

Kuznetsova and Skjavone took a game behind a game, and nobody wanted to concede. Time went, the bill of dews, bowls of scales fluctuated, but on any party did not fall. Though Svetlana was some times very close to, that vyravat victory. For the third set at it was six (!) matchbolov, once it conducted on another`s giving 40:0, but most persistent Skjavone has won back all.

when this most third party has gone already on the third hour, the Italian has asked a medical time - a miss. At it spasms have begun, doctors had to do massage and to apply fixing bandage hip muscles.

It seemed that younger and physically more powerful Kuznetsova sooner or later dozhmet 30 - the summer competitor, but there was a fifth hour of a meeting, and Skjavone did not surrender. Thus tennis of the girl showed very much   level, and ball draws left sometimes amazingly beautiful.

For the sake of victory over Svetlana Kuzetsovoj Francheska Skjavone did not stop before what.
the Photo: AP

And still the first the Russian has trembled. At first it has given a game on the giving, and then, having won back two matchbola, has conceded solving point and on the another`s. A total bill of party - 16:14.

- I was tired not only physically, but also morally, - on poslematchevoj a press - conferences at Skjavone hardly sufficed forces to answer questions. - I spoke to myself: « Everything, I cannot » any more;. But forced itself to run behind each ball and to continue to struggle. It is one of the high points in my career, it can be compared only to victory on « Rolan Garros ». After the termination of a match I have told Light that she is a great player, and occurring on court, - simply fantasy.

but Kuznetsova could even joke:

- I tried to break a record of duration of a meeting, but Francheska has finished a duel earlier, than I thought. Certainly, it is insulting that on a course of a duel I could not realise six matchbolov, but the competitor played these episodes very confidently. At turning points of Francheska on a broader scale operated better.

simultaneously with Kuznetsovoj has taken off from draw and Maria Sharapova. Having played very badly, it has in all respects conceded to German Andrea Petkovich.

On Monday one of two remained on Australian Open Russians Vera Zvonareva has beaten Czech Ivettu Beneshevu and there was a quarterfinal where will meet other Czech tennis-player Petroj Kvitovoj. The match of one more Russian Ekaterina Makarovoj against Kim Klijsters has come to the end after number signing in the press.


Francheska Skjavone (Italy, 6) - Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia, 23) - 6:4 1:6 16:14

Andrea Petkovich (Germany, 30) - Maria Sharapova (Russia, 14) - 5:2, 5:3

Vera Zvonaryova (Russia, 2) - Iveta Beneshova (Czechia) - 6:4, 6:1

Agneshka Radvanska (Poland, 12) - Pan Shuaj (China) - 7:5, 3:6, 7:5

Milosh Raonich (Canada, Q) - Michael Southern (Russia, 10) - 6:4 7:5 4:6 6:4

Alexander Dolgopolov (Ukraine) - Robin Syoderling (Sweden, 4) - 1:6, 6:3, 6:1, 4:6, 6:2

Andy Marrej (Great Britain, 5) - Jurgen Meltser (Austria, 11) - 6:3, 6:1, 6:1

David Ferrer (Spain, 7) - Milosh Raonich (Canada, Q) - 4:6, 6:2, 6:3, 6:4

Raphael Nadal (Spain, 1) - Marin Chilich (Croatia, 15) - 6:2 6:4 6:3