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SHinejd O`Konnor the Musician and producer Dzhonatan Elias will sing Jim Morissona`s verses

has conceived the grandiose project. In record of its new plate « Prayer Cycle 2: Path to Zero » will accept participations the whole star landing. The choice of the author for certain will please fans of the most different subgenres fate - music. Will be among the invited celebrities and Sting, and Serzh Tankjan from « System Of A Down » and Dzhonatan Devis from « Korn » and even a splinter legendary « Yes » John Anderson. However independently in this list there is a duet of singer Shinejd About both #39; Connor and actor Robert Dauni.

They on pair will sing a song on a poem frontmena groups « The Doors » Jim Morissona « Fallout » (« Consequences ») . It is known that Jim has written this product in 1971 - m, shortly before death. Relatives of the legendary musician of a distance already of Eliasu the consent to poem use.

- to native Jim Morrison my lawyers were converted, - he speaks, – They has told about the project. We have received the permission. I am very glad, as I am the admirer of creativity of Jim.
earlier Elias already informed that the means obtained from sale of a plate « Prayer Cycle 2: Path to Zero » it will transfer into account one of the antinuclear organisations.