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eks - the governor of the Volgograd region Nikolay Maksjuta receives the ministerial icon setting

the Volgograd region is not rich with governors. Anatoly Brovko the third for 20 - summer history. Therefore eks - heads inhabitants of Volgograd remember two very well.

Ivan Shabunin was remembered as the first head of region. Under its management the region has lived five years - with 91 - go on 96 - j the years, one of the heaviest, postreorganization. Badly or well there lived at this time Ivan Petrovich, to tell difficult. Governors then did not submit the declaration on incomes. But any scandal stories about larceny and shortages in the budget with it it is not connected. Yes, got quite good official wages. Used an office car and the other privileges, put to heads of regions. After with a difference in five percent has lost to Nikolay Maksjute, instead of governor`s payments began to receive state pension - 75 percent from the icon setting.

Ivan Shabunina will remember as the first governor.

But to sit in a rocking-chair and to write memoirs Shabunin did not become. And not for the sake of an increase to pension, and is faster from a habit to work, work, work. In 1996 was a part of the Federation Council 2 - go convocation. And with 1997 - go on 2000 worked as the first deputy of the executive secretary of the CIS. But every year health worsened. So it has sufficed only on public fund « Province » Which he headed since 2000 and to the death in 2006.



Its heir Nikolay Maksjuta - one of governors - champions. Three terms - 13 years. Not Luzhkov, of course, and country « the lock » as eks - the mayor of Moscow, has not got. At Nikolay Kirillovicha apartment in city centre (not office) in 151 m 2 , a country site in one and a half hectare with a small house the area in 282 m 2 . Even own car is not present - only garage. However, the car is at his wife - a jeep « Lend a Rover ». Besides, Maksjuta the owner of the yacht « the Regatta - M » (Same it is possible to buy for 3 million roubles) and kvadratsikla « Autlender ». As the governor it received monthly 288 thousand roubles, plus an old-age pension. In the declaration for 2008 figure 3 of one million 427 thousand roubles appeared. And here for 2009 incomes were reduced - all (besides according to the declaration) 2 420 909 roubles.

After leaving from a post of the head of region Nikolay Kirillovich has not lost in incomes. As eks - to the governor to it the state pension - 75 percent from the icon setting is put. Besides, right after dismissals, Maksjuta has gone on a path blazed in tens of heads of the top echelon, - has received a place in the Federation Council together with the ministerial icon setting hardly more 100 thousand. Plus of a privilege which it was has lost. Now under the law at it office apartments in Moscow (in a month after the termination of powers of their senator take away). Also it can use free journey on transport and the VIP - halls of stations and the airports, office « Fordami » and « Volkswagens » from garage of Administrative Department of the President. So quite adequate replacement to a governor`s armchair. And work not hlopotnaja - representation.