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The Perm militiamen search for parents of the boy which have thrown in hospital

the Dark-haired little boy of years 6 - 8 have found out still on January, 18th in a corridor of surgical branch of children`s regional hospital 15 (it in Industrial area). The clothes of the boy were very dirty and slovenly.

to Speak the kid is not able, says only separate sounds. Therefore the name who his parents, cannot tell. The preliminary diagnosis of doctors - a cerebral paralysis and rough infringement it is intellectual - psychological development.

the Kid at first have sent in socially - the rehabilitation centre for minors « the hope House » and in three days have translated in neurologic branch of children`s hospital of a name of Pitchugin.

We have gone yesterday it to come to see. In a corridor on the ground floor have heard heart-breaking children`s shouts.

- Here on them also go, he/she is our foundling so shouts, even ears puts. Mum, probably, calls, - have told to us on watch.

- That he so cries? - We have asked the nurse. – how you to it are converted?

- Till a dinner it was quiet, played with other kiddies. All machines at them has selected, they are pleasant to it. And now again is nervous, it is impossible to calm. He does not respond, when him call. You will take on hands - for a minute stops, and then again starts to cry. Will rise in a bed and shakes, only and we look, that has not dropped out.

the Boy lies in chamber with two children, they too drawn games, detdomovskie. While we talked, it has gone down on a floor, keeping for a wall, has reached the neighbour, has taken away from it the next machine and quickly - has quickly spread in a corridor.

- We have appointed to it full inspection and have already begun treatment, - has told to us the attending physician of the foundling. - at the patient – deep intellectual backwardness. While it is not clear, a leah is a consequence of he lived in what conditions, or it is connected with   brain defeat.

While physicians are engaged in treatment of the child, militiamen try to find his parents.

- it is probable, it they and have thrown the child, - the deputy chief of department of district militia officers of militia and PDN tells the Department of Internal Affairs on a city of Perm Tatyana Paleva . - And can, have simply lost and now search for it independently.

the very first that militiamen want to find out This, and then will already define destiny of the child.

But while as have informed in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the Perm edge, nobody was interested in the child, and in law-enforcement bodies the information on the missing person juvenile did not arrive.