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Ice in Volgograd: in fracture clinics - the notice, on roads - day of the tinman

Such surprise, as a downpour among winter very few people expected even from unpredictable Volgograd weather. After a week of hard frosts the yesterday`s rain has transformed snow-covered streets of Volgograd into the present skating rink. From 11 mornings inhabitants of Volgograd moved on a city, keeping teeth for air.

There where sidewalks sanded in time, it was possible to pass. To whom has carried less, wrung hands - feet and were built in turn in fracture clinics. According to the doctors who have suffered for yesterday`s days has increased in times.

- Hurried on a train, and sidewalks near to station have not been strewed, - the man with a shoulder dislocation complained come running in fracture clinic of Voroshilovsky area. - now it is necessary to travel in plaster.

Such visitors for a day - tens. Someone has suffered from - for own imprudence, others - on fault kommunalshchikov which did not hurry to put things in order on sidewalks.

City roads and areas have turned to a skating rink by the night when wet after a rain asphalt has become covered by an ice crust. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the uneasy situation has developed on lines of Kotelnikovsky, October, Svetlojarsky, Gorodishchensky, Ilovlinsky, Frolovsky, Mihajlovsky, New Anninsky, New Nikolaev, Dubovsky and Kamyshinsky areas of area.

- Ice will be saved and today, therefore to motorists is not recommended to get into the car without emergency, and drivers of passenger buses should be extremely attentive. From - for weather conditions the weight of road accident is expected. Besides, the probability of municipal failures and breakages of electric mains is great, - have informed « in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Volgograd region.

Pedestrians should not forget that for pridomovye territories and intraquarter roads respond TSZH and management companies. Their phones are hung out at entrances of houses. Near shops and offices tenants or same management companies serving all of them should strew paths. And for stops and the basic roads respond city kommunalshchiki. Therefore, if there was a misfortune, know, from whom to demand indemnification.


the Comment of the expert


Went, has slipped, has regained consciousness - plaster


Alexander Lymar, the lawyer:

the very few dare at lawsuits with kommunalshchikami from - for not cleaned roads. And after all if you were traumatised on slippery sidewalk can demand moral and material indemnifications. For this purpose it is necessary:
1. At possibility to find two witnesses of incident and to write down their co-ordinates.
2. To call « first aid » or to be converted into fracture clinic where not only will assist, but also will documentary confirm character of a trauma.
3. To learn, what organisation or the enterprise posess territory on which were traumatised (it can prompt in area administration.) To demand to draw up the corresponding statement. Only the white paper confirming the fact of a trauma, is the basis for indemnification payment.
4. Also it is necessary to save checks for treatment and medicines, the sick-list. They together with other inquiries and documents need to be put to the statement which the victim directs to the originator of the occurred events. If the administration of the organisation, the enterprise or a private concern refuses to indemnify a loss, bring an action in a residence.

the INQUIRY « »

Fracture clinics of Volgograd where to you will render urgent medical aid


Traktorozavodsky area: MUSES « Clinical polyclinic 1 » street Opolchensky, 8, bodies. (8442 74 - 04 - 25.

Dzerzhinsky area: MUSES « Polyclinic 30 » Street Angarsk, 130 and, bodies. (8442 36 - 14 - 96.

the Central area: MUSES « Clinical polyclinic 3 » street Soviet, 23, bodies. (8442 38 - 54 - 04.

Voroshilovsky area: MUSES « Polyclinic 4 » street Academic, 14, bodies. (8442 97 - 46 - 66.

the Kirov area: MUSES « KDTS 1 » street of Kirov, 149, bodies. (8442 42 - 01 - 02.

Krasnoarmejsky area: MUSES « Clinical hospital of the first help 15 » street Andizhan, 1, bodies. (8442 67 - 04 - 83.

Besides, fracture clinics are in each city polyclinic.