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Snowfall in Saratov: buses did not leave in flights, and in a city have blocked streets

Last three days of a steel for the regional centre the present test for durability. The strongest snowfall which has covered a city, does not stop some days. Only for last days at us 30 centimetres of snow have dropped out. To make the way on snowdrifts to stops it was almost impossible.

In city administration at first have clutched at the head: the technics does not suffice (in park about 200 cars instead of necessary 400), means, as well as last year, the city will turn to one big stopper? But have then thought and have decided to take not quantity, and quality, and all actions for cleaning of streets have tried to think over to trifles.

- It is invented everything that is possible, - Alexey Prokopenko has assured, and. An island of the head of administration of Saratov. - for the first time in all disctricts of the city we have organised time transshipment dumps. One of them - on the Theatre square. Here bring snow which have collected in a current of day, and at night already take out from a city. So stoppers becomes less. Plus to it yesterday we on 30 - 40 minutes closed streets with abrupt descents and liftings, for example, Mjasnitsky, - on them in such weather at once there is a transport. So we will arrive and further. Therefore those who constantly goes on Mjasnitsky, Simbirckoj and Tankmen, we ask to think over roundabout routes in advance.

From such snowfall an umbrella you will not escape.
a photo: Evgenie GUSEV

As is marked by officials, evacuation on shtrafstojanki left cars which disturb to clearing of streets has helped also.

- For the past days there have brought 11 cars, - the chief of department of propagation of traffic police of Saratov Yury Sukhorukov has told.

But despite efforts of road services to move on many city highways now it is uneasy. Saratovtsy for two hours dobiraljutsja before work and back home. The huge stopper was formed around the Arrow and 1 - j Country, there was a street of Tankmen. It was necessary to cancel and long-distance flights. From - for snow drifts saratovtsy could not leave in Balashov and Market Karabulak.

All from a city have taken out nearby 1000 « KamAZov » snow. And it seems that it not a limit. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, snow will bring down over the weekend. And in the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures already prepare to possible CHS.

- there Will be a sleet, as a result on roads ice, visibility is no more 500 metres. And in such weather damage of communication lines and electricity transmissions, a collapse of shabby buildings, trees and serious road accidents not a rarity, - mark in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Saratov region. - therefore our forces are already resulted in a mode of the raised readiness.  

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