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In Tver the uniform social ticket for citizens will not rise in price

Still on December, 30th at the closed meeting devoted to a problem of transport in Tver, there was a question on increase in cost of the uniform social ticket (ESPB) with 250 to 400 – 450 roubles. A bit later this figure have counted unreasonable and still have decided to correct.

- it is considered optimum increase in cost ESPB at 50 % according to inflation growth for five years. Now in areas cost ESPB of 200 roubles, will be 300. In Tver was 250, there are 350 roubles. But for a city it and is not important, as the system of non-cash payment of journey in public transport, &ndash will take root here; the chief of Department of transport and communication of Tseren Tserenov has told . - If carriers pass to such system the regional budget is ready to pay for each trip of the exempt according to the confirmed tariff. ESPB – it only one question. Inhabitants complain of quality of given services. The city does not have accurate and transparent program of development of transport system. Problems with a municipal transportation – these are problems of city administration, they cannot be shifted on area shoulders, – has explained Tseren Tserenov.

When the price on ESPB will increase, while it is not known. After all, according to transport and communication Department, rise in prices for the social ticket now neobosnovano economically. The question of increase in cost can be considered only after introduction in territory of Tver and Kalininsky area of transport maps. It is a plastic card which allows to pay journey without using cash. Conductors will have special devices (validatory) which read out a magnetic code and draw out from a map money at a rate of journey. Such maps will allow to define precisely quantity of usual passengers and passengers - exempts.


Exempts do not need to be stirred - the uniform social ticket can be bought at the former price.
a photo: Timur Hanov

Tariffs on ESPB did not raise since 2005 and paid off, being guided by fare five - six roubles. The companies - the carriers which are incurring losses, such situation did not arrange in a root.

- Position at us in branch critical. And it is possible, soon we should refuse on a broader scale social transportations then the question about ESPB will disappear by itself, - declares the Tver motor transportation union.

In Department of transport and communication have explained about possible refusal of carriers to work on social routes. Here all solves competition. Each concrete carrier has the right to decide for to participate in it or not. Social routes from it will not cease to exist.

At transport workers the arguments. In a press - service of noncommercial partnership « the Tver motor transportation union » « have told about difficulties of the Tver carriers.

- At an overall cost of the preferential travel card in 250 roubles of the power cannot compensate the remained money as even at budget level are not put on these purposes of means. However the carriers which are a part of the Tver motor transportation union, all the same continue to serve social routes. And it will do until there is such possibility, - has explained a press - the secretary Irina Minasjan . - As to a transport map the motor transportation union supports such decision of the authorities. Complexity consists what to enter a transport map it is necessary to municipal unions for which the mechanism of transition to the new monitoring system is not worked.

In Department of social protection of the population of the Tver region « Have commented on the statement of the Tver motor transportation union.
- Money is listed to carriers monthly. No delays are present, - Tatyana Kozlova has responded the chief of department to destination and payment of grants and indemnifications.