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I am broken off between ljubvnikom and the husband!

has once again told to the husband: everything, on figs, I sue for divorce! And even things has collected, and heart is simply broken off... I know, it is affection: 15 years in marriage, a class daughter, to it of 11 years, and outwardly we perfect pair... But at it - with periodicity - ljubovi on the party, at me - novels with married for maintenance of emotions though fell in love seriously... In general, lies... That it, I... The couple is good. But it comes across always on the « lenochkah » I - never. It is cleverer, a leah that. And so last history: it has arrived from business trip, on mobide has told lies that has not arrived yet. That I have worried! Well, at whom the vanity is, will understand, how the lady in a situation of a banal joke feels...

When it has appeared, has told: Everything, has bored. There is no love, lies has bothered. To sleep with it - for a long time already we sleep as soldiers, on a debt. And last months - on a broader scale a zero of amperes, well, are not present love, and caresses are opposite. . Tried to get divorced many times, but he repeats each time love and does not leave. Each time I collect things and I speak: here to you the car, with apartment I will help, only leave me alone, go to the Lena (Light, Marina)... No, is kneeling: « forgive, the fool was, you I love ». It becomes a pity, the daughter - in tears... The melodrama - meksika has a rest... All it was till last year, when has found the girl of 19 years (to it 40) has bullshitted to it, as always, has got and there was all this song with divorce. The girl sobbed, wanted for it in marriage, I expelled. The result - again remained, but I have warned him: « if I someone a meeting with whom I can fall in love - keep in mind, I will leave ». I Also have met the man, thank God, unmarried, it is really very good, me loves and even it is pleasant to my daughter... But I could not make this step in any way - to sue for divorce: all was a pity the husband. And here - this history again - with lies and other mucks. I to the husband have told: I already have other person, do not want to live in lie...

    And like all should rise on places, like I incorporate to the native person on spirit... And on a shower... It seems to me, the love now in me is not present - one pain. The husband again swears love, delays apartment - does not move down, knows my character that I with the kindness am already ready to forgive all. And I as will think that all will return - lie, lovers. But affection in the husband is. At me such character: all myself mummy in relation to muzhiks I feel - them it is a pity to me, it would be desirable to fondle, protect... Now - a dull ache, a bog. Darling looks in my eyes and does not see love... He feels me and we understand both that if I will not finish divorce, our love the end. It   and so a long time asked me to understand itself and to solve, does not want to be the lover.

the cleverest as it seems to me - to wait. To live one (with the daughter) and to think - so who is necessary to me also that I want from this life.... Also I am afraid to lose during too time all. A leah will wait the favourite? And a leah correctly I do, what I deprive of the child of a normal family? Oh, I do not know...

I. Moscow .


«... I deprive of the child of a normal family ». On - to yours, it is a normal family for the child? My son - thank God, already adult and quite successful - where - that in 18 me has told years: « If you then have not expelled him, I would leave in a cellar to smell glue! »

it is lovely.

the Room question. Would live in husband`s apartment and there would be a corner would divorce for a long time, cunningly, and all. For now all suits it, the status of the husband does not allow to relax to different young women, try to be better and hope on « withdrawal » the family is, the roof is, feed, obstiryvajut... Lives happily, the wife still would not arrange scandals - and paradise on the earth.


It agree 100 % with commentator Mashka: this wife is not so necessary to the husband, and the status of the married man that other ladies did not try ozhenit it, the poor fellow is necessary. Besides it was arranged on a full board, and the wife thinks that he does not want to destroy a family.


And I have grown in the same family, in 16 years who ran from the house faster a steam locomotive, finding-out, where, as with whom, and mordoboj from children nobody hid discussions. But now, being the adult aunty, lie I feel far off, married, babbling I bypass for kilometre and I despise similar all fibers of soul, to a nausea.

a daughter.

It is possible to think up to itself favourite various justifyings and even most to believe in it, but the essence from it will not change. On - to mine, you differ nothing from the husband. Only the man though name neobidno - the ladies` man, a dog and t.   d. And you how to name?


To me 55, to the old freak (husband) - 62. I can not understand, why there were no forces to break off this vicious circle, to reject unnecessary pity, to divorce - to arrange the life, instead of to be the eternal mistress, to change men as gloves (to spite of the idle freak) and to be proud of itself, irresistible.

passed through it.

the Optimum variant - to leave all and to live one some time. But then, having lost emotional feed, will provide to itself depression if, of course, will not steep in work. Think that it is really necessary for you. Men quickly find replacement unlike women, and at you the child all - taki. Even in the presence of the father you bear for it the main responsibility. Your lover, however, the attractive person, can, it is necessary to risk? Good luck!


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