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The director Kabara intend to have legal proceedings with rebellious employees

– I consider necessary to inform you that the claim about honour and dignity protection, &ndash intends to bring an action; Zhyrgalbek Turdukozhoev in the letter addressed to president Otunbaevoj has complained. As he said, all heavy sins of which journalists have accused him, have not proved to be true. turdukozhoev suggests to go in the resolution of conflict a way already tested – to create the independent commission which, in its opinion, can state an objective estimation of a current situation and by that will restore its professional reputation.

we will remind that the intense situation in news agency has reached the apogee on January, 21st. Then edition work has been stopped from - for collective strikes. Employees of news agency have declared that do not want to work more under the direction of the present director.

– We do not wish to suffer more than a trick of the director and to work with it further. turdukozhoev behaves in relation to subordinates roughly and disrespectfully. Malicious and venomous remarks to the objectionable employee for it became for a long time norm. Its favourite phrase – « bakievsky a tail ». It continues to put pressure on objectionable to it workers, pursuing them and carping at the slightest pretext, – wrote in the message of premieres - to the minister, the president and the speaker of parliament journalists of agency.  

Besides, as employees especially underline, the director forces to carry out journalists and technicians of a duty which are not included into their competence and, accordingly, are not paid.

– last year within autumn there were 3 issues « KABAR ». As far as we know, the circulation most part remained non-realised. The director has declared, that all of us have bought from it on neskolku tens newspaper, ostensibly for distribution, – have told in edition.

according to journalists, the present head « Kabara » breaks the labour code and demands from correspondents to conduct work only in the Kirghiz language. Demands and from the Kirghiz news service, and from the Russian!

– for all employees speaking in an official language, it has organised courses of state language which we should visit without fail, – has told « » one of the former correspondents of edition.

– for check of the facts about incompetence of a management of national news agency time, &ndash is required; has noted a press - the secretary of the head of the state Sultan Kanazarov who has arrived this very day to striking journalists. – the situation abnormal and negatively influences agency work, therefore demands the prompt permission. On the president have already reported on the conflict. Apparently, in the near future it will make the personnel decision, – he has added.
in turn, workers of news agency « Kabar » notice that if crisis will be tightened, they are ready to leave on a protest action to Zhogorku Keneshu.

Meanwhile, Zhyrgalbek Turdukozhoev in resignation, apparently, does not gather. As he said, it only has begun the reforms and intends to finish them.
– I am engaged in projects which contribute in agency promotion. And these employees have got used to work on a stereotype, therefore they do not like innovations, – marks the « powerful » merits the head.


Zhyrgalbek Turdukozhoev has occupied an armchair of the director of news agency « Kabar » right after April revolution. On April, 16th the head of the device of provisional government Edil Bajsalov of that time has informed on its purpose.
In 2007 Turdukozhoev flashed in a press as the representative of coalition NPO « For democracy and a civil society ». In April of the same year starved with a staff of incorporated front « For the worthy future of Kyrgyzstan ». In the end of 2009 present director KNIA « Kabar » became managing sector of secretary of parliamentary fraction sotsial - democrats. Before April revolution quite often positioned itself as the expert - the political scientist, but special popularity in this field has not got.