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Almazbek Atambaev: the Main misfortune of Kyrgyzstan - nationalism

About disintegration    

– Preconditions to disintegration of Kyrgyzstan really exist. Now it is necessary to think not only of preservation of economic stability, but also about integrity of the country, its existence and   independence. Some experts say that there are tendencies to republic disintegration. And actually it so. Without certain stability, the interethnic consent it is difficult to develop the same economy which is base for only. Till the end of the first half of the year people should believe in us, that the economic situation cardinally improves.

about nationalism
– the Main misfortune of Kyrgyzstan – not separatism, and excessive nationalism. We should consider a multinationality of our country. All citizens of republic should feel equal in rights. I against when politicians declare, as if one nation – the first grade, and another – the second or the third. If to get at the root the southern conflict it blossomed for a long time because burning questions did not dare, and the same special services at former presidents only and did that wared against opposition. The authorities made advances to separatists. They were favourites of tops.

about the customs union
– the Strategic decision on the introduction of Kyrgyzstan in the customs union is accepted. All of us equally should enter it and in uniform economic space. It is said that at the introduction into the HARDWARE it is a lot of minuses. But if we do not enter, minuses will be much more. Alternatives to the Customs union at Kyrgyzstan are not present. Thus the republic needs to enter the organisation stage by stage. If Russia and Kazakhstan accesses to WTO, many questions will act in film. We should work with neighbours.

About destiny of party
– Brother Rozy Otunbaevoj is not leader SDPK. The place of the chairman of the party immutably remains for me, and Bogs Otunbaev will perform only technical work of the modest co-ordinator of a staff. I will not hide that spoke to the Rose of Isakovne: considering that in some countries our state is represented by nonprofessionals, a sin not to use such expert. But it   has refused.