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As it is better to renew a site: to bequeath or present?

Svetlana Zhmurko, the lawyer of Multi-region Bar of Moscow responds to questions.

the Site just privatised on mum, to it 81 year. That it is better to make: to make the will (on me or can my son), to sell, present? There is still an applicant for the inheritance under the law (my brother) which does not participate in country affairs, lives separately, to mother does not help. Mum lives with me.
love, Moscow

If the brother is invalid owing to age or physical inability the will for you does not approach, as irrespective of its maintenance, your relative will have the right to a share in the inheritance.

There is a contract of purchase and sale or the donation contract. Registration and expenses under these contracts are identical, therefore to choose to you. Also on your discretion a choice of the buyer/ the endowed. It can be as you, and your son. But if the son small about the contract of purchase and sale speech does not go as on it transfer by the buyer of money resources which at the child are not present is supposed. The donation contract Therefore will approach.