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Darya Poverennova: It is not necessary to save a family for the sake of children

the Main heroine of a serial of Anastas Davidov (Darya Poverennova) conducts on radio a current - show « the Family centre ». She speaks on air about how to be happy, how to save a family. And its advice really helps much.

here only at most radio conducting with private life not all is smooth. At first her husband, playwright Andrey (Jan Tsapnik), was fond of the very young actress, and then and Nastja has suddenly met the first love - medical officer Dmitry (Yaroslav Bojko)... The family centre of the heroine here - here will go out definitively!

than business will come to an end, we learn on Thursday. The channel « Russia » today and tomorrow evening will show on three series, and on Thursday - final two. On the eve of a premiere we have talked to the featured actress - actress Darya Poverennovoj.

- Than you has involved this project?

- the Good scenario, a leading role - that else can interest the actress? With Janom Tsapnikom who has played my spouse, we already worked. In addition it was interesting to act in film together with Glory Smartly. Besides cinemas removed in my favourite Peter. In general, all has developed.

- « the family centre » is a melodrama?

is a melodrama cubed! The material has turned out interesting. When read the scenario, caught itself on thought that at me in life and was. For example, as well as my heroine Nastja, I was married, has then fallen in love with another and has divorced. Divorce became the big experience for my daughter, just as for the daughter of my heroine in a serial.

I on shootings constantly would like to hasten Nastju who was tormented with doubts: to throw the husband or not. I - that changed the life cardinally.

I do not know, a leah it is necessary to save a family for the sake of children. In what good it will not result. Life with the unloved does the person unfortunate. Happens, parents then reproach children: a pier, only for the sake of you we together!

- you are fond of equestrian sport, fencing, like to send on errands on motorcycles. Risked in show of the First channel « Circus with stars ». And suddenly - a role of the usual woman.

- but it does not mean that I have refused dream to act in an action film where I will run and shoot. Very much I love the weapon, in it there is any magic.

- whence such passion to nonfeminine hobbies?

- from school. To a shooting gallery went and shot. It would be still interesting to play killershu. The negative role is especially interesting to the actor. It is necessary to honour the literature, to study psychology of the hero. As Stanislavsky, « spoke; playing bad, search in it good ».

- With Yaroslav Bojko on a platform have worked well together?

- it the remarkable partner and   the good actor. And to it very much there is a medical dressing gown. I on a broader scale like men - doctors, they look sexually.

« the family centre ». Tuesday - Thursday, evening. Russia - 1