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Victoria Bekhem intends to give birth, despite interdictions of doctors

Couple of weeks back Victoria and David Bekhemy have declared that the pair waits for the fourth child. It should be born   in the summer of this year. It is curious that Victoria brings into the world star offspring with strictly certain regularity: on one child of times in three years. « factory » stars has earned in 1999 when on March, 4th on light there was Brooklyn. Romeo September, first, 2002 was born, and on February, 20th, 2005 Cruise has joined company Bekhemov.   however a problem that all of them were born   by means of Cesarean section. It is counted up that risk for life and health of the woman at Cesarean section approximately in 12 times above, than at independent sorts. But the most important thing - doctors recommend to use in such a way no more than three times. It was found out that doctors considered the fourth pregnancy of hazardous to health spouse Bekhema, nevertheless Victoria has dared at a similar step.

so persevering pressing forward to get the fourth child, according to the British experts   in the field of society column, speaks that David and Victoria very much want the girl. We will remind, earlier in a family of the football player there were exclusively boys. As further to rely on a blind case it was illogical, the pair was converted to scientists with the request to help them garantirovanno to make a choice of the necessary sex of a child. By means of very expensive procedure of genetic diagnostics of an embryo experts managed to solve this problem, and Victoria already for hundred percent knows that bears a daughter. Parents have already chosen for the babe a charming name -   the Moon. However, the modern medicine is how much omnipotent, we will definitively be convinced this summer.   Let`s hope that Victoria`s risky childbirth will pass well.