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Shining smile without a pain and fear - with “ your doctor 1 “!

In the modern world the majority of the most significant questions dares by means of communications. And anything so does not show health and vigour of the interlocutor, has no to dialogue, as a beautiful both healthy smile and absence of unpleasant smells from a mouth. Agree, hardly it will be simple to person to come into with stomatologic problems contacts, to find highly paid work, to make friends or to find the significant other. And suffering affliction from a toothache, it is difficult to be adjusted for high-grade work and rest. Therefore it is very important to watch hygiene of an oral cavity and in time to eliminate arising « malfunctions ». Unfortunately, to find « the » the doctor who completely understands all your problems, far it is not simple. It is necessary to be converted to the checked up experts, the professionals owning new methods of treatment and skills of work with modern technologies.

- We do not sell service, a crown, a seal. We work on result and we guarantee absolute quality, - Leonid Perekrest tells a gene. The director « your doctor 1 ». - In it also there is a feature of stomatologic branch of clinic « your doctor 1 ». Our priorities in stomatology were and remain: security (absolute sterility) medical process, the individual complex approach, exact diagnosing, high quality of services with support of powerful technological base of clinic, high level of service and painlessness of treatment. With a view of preventive maintenance of stomatologic diseases, after sanitation, for our patients the system of free surveys - consultations is entered. And within all 2011 in our branch you the stomatologist - the professional free of charge looks.


the Doctor - the stomatologist Elena Nikolaevna Afonicheva.

Hygiene of an oral cavity and therapeutic treatment

In clinic it is possible to receive the most different kinds of treatment. And first of all - therapeutic. After all it is a basis, the base without which carrying out orthopedic, orthodontic, parodontologicheskogo treatments and implantations is impossible. Actually, from that, the base will be how much qualitative, the treatment end result in many respects depends.

In stomatologic branch of clinic « yours äīźņīš1 » therapeutic services include: treatment of caries with statement of seals, tabs, the cosmetic restorations directed on restoration or change of the form, colour of teeth, klinovidnye defects, treatment of complicated caries: pulpitises, a periodontitis, dispansernoe supervision of the patient.

It is not necessary to forget that the basis of successful treatment of stomatologic diseases is an optimum hygiene of an oral cavity. Therefore first of all northerners are offered to pass procedure of professional hygiene - removal of tooth adjournment by means of ultrasonic devices EMS, Air Flow, special pastes and polishing nozzles. Also in clinic train patients in individual hygiene of an oral cavity and select necessary means for this purpose. Then therapeutic treatment which consists in elimination of the centres of a chronic infection, correction immunologicheskogo the oral cavity status, a complex of conservative actions is spent.

In stomatologic branch of clinic « yours äīźņīš1 » the modern complex approach in treatment of diseases oporno - the keeping device of tooth is used. At mobility of teeth creation uniform « is spent shinirovanie, that is; blocks » creating sparing conditions for each tooth.


the Doctor - Anastas Nikolaevna Novikova`s stomatologist.

the New technique of treatment of caries without « drillings » teeth

In our centre the new technology of treatment of caries of teeth without preparation (« is applied; drillings » teeth). This innovative treatment of caries is capable to stop its development without preparation, without loss of healthy fabrics of tooth, simply and without serious consequences, in one visitation. Icon - first-ever infiltrant caries - fills system of a time and, thus, stabilises a status of firm fabrics. The principle infiltratsii caries is confirmed by the international researches. Initial caries calls demineralizatsiju enamels below a blanket. Such demineralizatsija leads to education of a porous layer in a zone of defeat in volume to 30 %. Through this porous layer there is a diffusion so-called « kariesogennyh acids » dissolving minerals of enamel and leading to the further progressing karioznogo process. Called by caries « stains » on an enamel surface is not only cosmetic defect, but also and visible signs of an initial stage karioznyh defeats. Therefore treatment at this stage is naturally necessary not to admit the further development of caries and its complications. Infiltratsija caries is an ideal method of treatment in such situation.

Surgical stomatology

Experts of clinic « your doctor 1 » are assured that surgical stomatology it is not so simple removal of teeth. Doctors do now all possible that it to avoid. The main task here - to restore teeth, to save their functions. The surgeon will rescue tooth, will correct « short » the bridle of a lip breaking speech, and also will help to level « run up » teeth. The stomatologic surgery pays considerable attention zubosohranjajushchim to operations to which it is possible to carry any removal of new growths in bone and soft fabrics of a mouth, to amputation of fangs, koronko - radikuljarnye to operation, and also various techniques of treatment of diseases parodonta.

- It is known, how much efforts deliver to people « a wisdom teeth ». Our surgeons will help to solve and this problem, and all will be made with the maximum convenience to the patient, - Leonid Alekseevich speaks.

Also one of the frequent problems arising at northerners, necessity of removal kisty tooth is. The education reasons kisty - traumas and an infection. And to be traumatised in tooth it is possible not only on a boxing ring or in street fight, but also at home, for example, cracking nuts. The infection usually gets in the root channel at wrong treatment of teeth. Usually kista it is formed in the field of a root top, and to treat it or it is necessary to delete. Experts « your doctor 1 » will help to cope with this problem, having avoided removal of tooth and will as much as possible prolong to it « labour life ». As a rule, removal kisty tooth make a surgical way together with a fang top (operation of a resection of a root). And in other, most difficult cases, doctors of clinic use the best efforts to save and restore tooth. For example, not to extract three-root tooth from - for damages of one of roots, surgeons will amputate only a root, accurately having cut it. That is tooth becomes two-root, but completely will save the functional activity.

Healthy teeth - for ever

Treatment in stomatologic branch of clinic « your doctor 1 » it is spent by doctors and assistants by a technique « in 4 hands ». Experts of clinic use the advanced and safe anaesthetising preparations of new generation. Strict individual selection anestetika is spent, and its dose steals up particularly for each patient.

- On all types of service the guarantee from 1 year is given, - Leonid Perekrest marks. - however real, average service life of intraoral restorations and designs repeatedly exceeds a warranty period. Our patients can be converted into polyclinic at any moment, and, perhaps, difficultly present a situation in which our doctors cannot render the professional help.

the Most important is to watch over health of teeth constantly, passing routine inspection twice a year. If to follow this easy rule treatment of teeth will be reduced to preventive actions and treatment of caries of easy forms. The earlier the patient will notice a problem and will be converted to the expert, the it is less than efforts and, accordingly, means it is necessary to spend for treatment of teeth. And with new technologies and materials treatment passes without serious consequences. Therefore, in time having converted into clinic « your doctor 1 » to the address: Murmansk, street Polar Dawns, 41/ 2 (phones (8152) 44 - 02 - 05 and 8 - 911 - 30 - 50 - 350), you garantirovanno will get rid of problems and will please yourselves and surrounding with a beautiful smile.