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Having left the husband, the inhabitant of Bashkiria has taken away a daughter in an unknown direction


the Only thing that reminds Ljubovi Vasilevne of existence of the sister - the old faded photo: on it Ire almost two years. The picture old - is made in February 1961 - go year. As there was a destiny of this krugloshchekoj little girls from a photo – anybody does not know.

  - Father Iry - my native uncle Alexander Jakovlevich Vjazovtsev, mum - whether Zuhra, whether Zulfija Zaripova, but native why - that named it exclusively Zoe, - tells Ljubov Vasilevna. - At that time they from uncles lived in Sibae though have not been officially painted. The daughter of Irochka after a while was born. And then the uncle have called up for military service. I do not know that at them there happens, here only after returning from army they have unexpectedly dispersed from Zoe. Ire was not also two years.

Zoe has decided to begin new life. Having taken away a daughter, has left Sibaja, without having left even the new address. Did not maintain relations neither with native, nor with friends, behind an exception unless one acquaintance. Only to it Zoe admitted one of letters: « On Irkiny inquiries it was necessary to tell that her father has died … So it will be better for all of us ». However, Alexander to search for the spouse with a daughter too did not become.

« If she does not want me to see – I will understand it »

Ljuba at that time a vein with parents in Bajmake. To it was years eight when Ira was born, therefore she knew about existence of the sister always. However, to speak about Ire and Zoe in a family it was not accepted: it became the real taboos. Anything it is surprising: the uncle married by then in the second time, at it two sons of Jasha and Yury grew up.

- How much time started from uncles conversation on Ire - so much time it me simply - naprosto broke, - remembers Ljubov Vasilevna. - Therefore while the uncle was live, search for Iru I could not. Uncles did not become about ten years ago: already after his death I have found that unique picture of his oldest daughter which as it has appeared, it it is careful all these years stored.

we Will be fair: at first it seemed that searches of the sister who have disappeared 50 years ago, employment useless. But has more recently appeared small zatsepka. The acquaintance of a family had a rest in sanatorium Shafranovo and has remembered that there in a physical office nurse Zuhra worked. It has an adult daughter when - that she lived in Sibae and under the description - exactly - in - exactly mum Iry!

- Probably, the age already prevails, but I very much want to find the sister, - Ljubov Vasilevna sighs. – I after all never forgot about it, every day it I remember. But me disturbs here that: Irina - that does not know about us absolutely anything! And a leah will want to learn? I very much am afraid to intrude upon its leisure. If suddenly she does not want me to see, I will not take offence. Its this right. Leah acquaintances abuse supposedly you from mind that has descended? But I listen to nobody – very much I want it to find. If you help me - I will be very glad, and if Ira wants to meet me, doubly!