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Live now!

Behind the New Year`s feasts filled with bright events, gifts, and, certainly, impressive expenditure … But thus and our requirements nobody cancelled desires. And they, as it is known, sometimes demand powerful   financial   injections. You have decided to make, for example, houses repair, to buy the car or to send in holiday. Where on all it to take money? The credit!

Clients of Promsvjazbanka can issue the credit « Transparent » which   distinguish the simple conditions, the fixed payments and complete control of expenses by means of phone or through the Internet - bank. Such consumer credit,   which sum   can reach 750 thousand roubles, it is made out for the term up to 5 years.  

If you already took credits in Promsvjazbanke and have proved as the diligent borrower can become the participant of the favourable program of consumer crediting « It is checked up by time ». On it the additional discount is given, for official registration of papers it is not required neither guarantors, nor other maintenance. And monthly payments under the credit can be carried out in any convenient way.

As to partners of Promsvjazbanka, they can use the program « Special relations » after all the bank trusts the partners.

  - Documents on credit reception in this case can be issued directly on a workplace: to you there will arrive credit manager Promsvjazbanka and will help to fill the questionnaire - the statement, - experts explain. - the maximum sum of the credit under the program « Special relations » – 1,5 million roubles.

However use special conditions for credit reception participants of salary projects « can also; promsvjazbanka ».

  - In that case for reception of a loan from documents the passport and the filled questionnaire on the credit is required to you only, - experts « explain; promsvjazbanka ». – Yes to bring monthly payments in that case it is much more convenient -   means automatically will be monthly written off from your salary map. So you should not be converted each time into branch of bank or to place money through a cash dispense. By the way, for increase in the sum of the credit it is possible to consider the income of the spouse or the spouse, and to extinguish the loan sum – ahead of schedule without any penal sanctions.

do not postpone comfort and desired purchases on then – live now!

Detailed   the information on conditions   consumer crediting you can receive in Novosibirsk   Open Society branch « promsvjazbank » to the address: street Serebrennikovsky, 37 or by phone (383 354 - 18 - 20