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The State Duma toughens punishment for violence over children

the State Duma toughens criminal   punishment   for   pedophiles   up to the lifelong. Deputies already   have accepted   amendments in   Criminal   the code in   the first reading.  

  It is entered   responsibility for those who forces children to intim. Now UK provides article for use of children in shooting of pornofilms.

  Lifelong punishment   deputies suggest to apply   for   most   cruel pedophiles:  

For   most   heavy   the crimes connected   with   causing of heavy physical injuries, provides punishment up to lifelong imprisonment. By other kinds of crimes of sexual character - 15 - 20 years of imprisonment - Elena Mizulina has told the head of the Duma committee concerning a family, women and children.  

Amendments   to   to the law should should save   children   from participation   in   pornobusiness and   prostitutions, considers   Mizulina.  

Besides, at last   pedophiles in   an obligatory order   are discharged of work with   children. However this interdiction operates   not for life and   in some years the anxious criminals can return to children`s and teenage establishments.  

If   the bill will accept, in   militias   will not be   to have   value, a leah the criminal that   knew; was   in   intimate affinity with   the child or   assumed that   the partner   already   the adult. Such condition corresponds to norms of international law.  

Heavy   punishment   Will incur   and   parents for violence   over   children, without   differences   native   or   receptions. Before militia   more often   referred   that   the child   was   it agree and   did not resist   —   means, ostensibly and there was no violence. The new rule extends on children till 12 years.  

Deputies   consider   sexual   crimes against children   so   difficult that   suggest to send such   has put at once   in   Investigatory committee   the Russian Federation. Professionalism   regional judges   limps, therefore to care of chastity of children charge to the most professional lawyers.  

One   from authors   the bill, Elena   Mizulina has resulted   the terrible statistics: for the first half of the year 2010 it has been made   more than 5 thousand   Crimes of sexual character.  

« Practically   every tenth   the child, which   became a victim   crimes is   the child - a victim of sexual violence » - has told it.  

All fractions   the State Dumas   support bill acceptance. « uniform   Russia » « Fair   Russia »   and   the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation have developed   it in common.  

the Speaker   the State Dumas   Boris   Gryzlov   it agree that   amendments to   UK will help   to protect   physical and   mental   health of children   and   their morals. The first vitse - the speaker of the State Duma   Oleg Morozov   considers   especially   important,   criminal   responsibility   for a turn of a pornography with participation of children in the Internet and mass-media.