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What devices of the account need to be established to Siberians?

According to the federal law 261 - FZ from November, 23rd, 2009 « About power savings and about increase of power activity » by January, 1st, 2012 obshchedomovye, individual and the general (for communal flats) counters should be established in all multiroom, and collective - in private, country or garden small houses. Inhabitants face what problems at installation of devices of the account? What it is necessary to know to proprietors of habitation? What role in this process is played by management companies and TSZH? We searched for answers to questions behind a round table in a press - the centre « » together with experts.

How not to make the wrong choice the companies?

- remains less year on equipping habitation with account devices. And townspeople on - former still have many questions. For example, one of them - how correctly to choose the company - a fitter? What role is played by management companies and TSZH in this work?

Elena Jalunina, chairman TSZH of Titov, 18/ 1

Elena Jalunina : - we Will begin that today at all each townsman understands for what devices of the account are necessary and that they give real possibility to save. Therefore the main task which management companies should put before themselves, TSZH, - to explain, for what it is necessary to establish devices in what the economy principle consists. Now people who have already established such devices, can regulate, how much means to them direct on payment. For example, have noticed that began to pay more - reduce the expense. Actually here there is nothing difficult.


Alexey Lymarev, the technical director of Open Society « SibirEnergo »

Alexey Lymarev : - According to Law requirements 261 - FZ till January, 1st, 2012 proprietors of premises in MKD are obliged to provide installation obshchedomovyh devices of the account of used power resources, and also individual and the general (for a communal flat) PU waters, natural gas, electric energy. The company choice is carried out by proprietors independently, as to account devices they should enter into number of those devices which are included in the state registry of the measuring apparatuses intended for commercial calculation.

Devices of the account have the right to establish the organisations - suppliers of power resources and the specialised organisations. They are obliged to have profile experts of a necessary skill level, activity on installation of devices of the account should be registered in authorised documents of the organisation, and the organisation should be member SRO in building and have given out SRO the certificate on the admission to the given kind of works.

Olga Piksaeva, the director of Open Company UK « the Cascade »

Olga Piksaeva : - Now townspeople still have a possibility to choose, into what company to be converted, what device of the manufacturer to establish, in what terms to finish all works … But already since 2012 of such possibility at people will not be. Any company will simply come and, any more without asking the permission, these devices of the account will establish. By the way, and working costs Siberians to affect cannot any more. I think, it too is important.


Tamara Mokrjakova, chairman of the board TSZH « Vega »

Tamara Mokrjakova : - it is valid, townspeople have enough questions. And one of them concerns just a choice of the company which will establish the account device. Today announcements of this service can be met almost on each house. But we explain to tenants that it is impossible to agree on services of the first firm on eyes. After all cases when in apartments established devices are known, and was then found out that they are not included in the corresponding register. Means, about any economy and speech cannot be. And after all money - that is already paid … not to appear in such situation, we recommend to consult on the management company or TSZH. Experts nevertheless have the information, what companies work in the market for a long time and seriously, and it is not necessary to trust what companies - the probability that is firm - a something ephemeral is great.

- And a leah probably to create the list of the companies which can be trusted?


Anton Tyrtyshnyj, the deputy of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk, the director of Regional public fund of political researches of a city of Novosibirsk

Anton Tyrtyshnyj : - Certainly, each management company or TSZH, having collected the information, can generate the personal list. But to speak about any uniform register of the diligent companies difficult. We after all cannot urge to go to one company and not to be converted into another. In my opinion, to analyze work of the companies - fitters it is necessary, leaning against opinions of people which have already used their services. Such information - for example, how much complaints were on the company, what infringements have been found out, - will not forge. And it can help at a choice.

« Yesterday good, but on five. Today bad, but on ten … »

- One more question which disturbs townspeople, is cost of devices of the account …

A.Lymarev : - Now rates of works on equipment MKD obshchedomovymi account devices are insufficient, especially regarding an establishment of counters of electric energy. Expenses for installation obshchedomovogo the account device (on 1 input) roughly make: thermal energy from 200 to 300 thousand rbl., electric energy - from 15 to 30 thousand rbl. All expenses connected with installation obshchedomovyh and room devices of the account, proprietors of premises in MKD should bear.

Besides, according to the current legislation (the Law 261 - FZ « see; About power savings » the Governmental order of the Russian Federation 530) the owner of object where the account device is established, should provide its presence, the safety, appropriate operation and timely replacement. When the account device is established in premises, its safety, the proprietor (tenant) of premises should provide integrity and service. Thus, proprietors of premises in MKD are obliged to carry out properly operation of devices of the account or to use the specialised companies.

From its part Open Society « SibirEnergo » on contractual conditions is ready to give a full spectrum of the services connected with the organisation and installation of sites of the account (preparation and the coordination of the design decision, assembly and starting-up and adjustment works, service of devices of the account).

E.Jalunina : - In spite of the fact that the city program sofinansirovanija is not present, many companies which are engaged in installation of devices of the account, offer the variants of payments - for example, by instalments. And some meet half-way such categories of citizens as veterans, people with the limited possibilities, and offer instalments or discounts. By the way, I think, what exactly the competition between the companies just and will not allow to inflate the price for devices of the account and their installation in spite of the fact that this year the organisations should execute unknown amount of works.

A.Tyrtyshnyj : - Other serious question is a quality of these devices. And unfortunately, not always quality and the price directly are among themselves connected. All of us we understand that now when it is much more demands for installation of devices of the account, than earlier, quality can really suffer. And then it can turn out by a principle: yesterday were good, but on five, and today bad, but on ten …

E.Jalunina : - Speaking about quality of the counters established in houses, it is possible to reveal some problem places. For example, one of them - that the counter of hot water considers only cubes, but thus does not fix temperature. And after all it too is very important. From here rather absurd situations when tenants of the top floors run on bottom also turn out and ask those tenants to lower water that on the top floors at once there was a hot. Such, of course, should not be.

A.Lymarev : - Once again it would be desirable to pay attention that responsibility for presence, the safety, appropriate operation both timely replacement obshchedomovyh and individual devices of the account are born by proprietors of premises in MKD. Besides, KoAP is provided imposing of the administrative penalty for non-observance of requirements on equipment of apartment houses by devices of the account of power resources. Therefore proprietors of premises in apartment houses at operation and safety of devices of the account should concern them more carefully and responsibly.

T. Mokrjakova : - On a broader scale, speaking about account devices, it is necessary to understand that it only one of points in the huge list of questions which need to be solved that the person has felt that economy.

O.Piksaeva : - I even would tell that in this sense installation of devices of the account is already last stage. And before it in houses it is necessary to spend serious work - to warm facades, to put in order attics, to replace the old decayed windows on new, plastic, to establish good doors … It some kind of a spadework, and rather zatratnye at the cost. And in my opinion, the separate target program which would support such initiatives is necessary.