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it was necessary to it to appear only, guys kept within stacks


- We always were on friendly terms three together: I, Rahilja and Sarija. As have got to one class tujmazinskoj schools so since then and did not leave, - remembers Gulnazira Gimranova. – From Rachels - that we communicate till now – we live in houses opposite, and here about our Sarie heard nothing more than 35 years!

Girlfriends were unseparable till the end of school. Their release of the teacher still for a long time named « gold »: many were beat out in people, becoming known doctors, professors …

- Sarija in a class was the first beauty: all boys behind it ran. Costed to it only where - that to appear, guys kept within stacks, - Gulnazira smiles. – But it never lifted up a nose, to the contrary, was very kind and sociable. And what talented! At school there was a circle of dances – she with pleasure there was engaged. I remember, on one of amateur arts festivals even has snipped off the first prize. Executed « Dance of combine operators ». That still a show: on a scene one children and with them our Sarija dance!

After school of the girl-friend have together arrived on a correspondence education department of the Ufa teacher training college on faculty of preschool education. However, Sarija through any time has thrown study and was arranged to work on one of local factories as the laboratorian.

« In the sleep I see its such what it was in school days »

Girlfriends had to leave in two years. Parents of Sarii have died. It remained absolutely alone: elder sisters of Sanija and the Saury have got over for a long time to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij. Have called the sister to itself. Sarija has sold the house and has left. In the same place has got a job, has married.

- Corresponded constantly, - remembers Gulnazira Shajhrazovna. – To us - that she directly spoke nothing, and to the acquaintance admitted that madly misses. Sarija came to Bashkiria once: to its little son then only - only it was executed three years. And then silence … Neither from it a news is not present, nor nobody responds to my letters. Not so long ago on the Internet have contacted the woman who lives in the same house, and so she asserts that Sarii already there is not present for a long time. Very much I want to learn, where it and as there was its destiny. Only to you I admit: Sarija to me sometimes even dreams. I why - that see its such what it was in school days. Who knows, can, we still can meet?

Who searches: Gulnazira Shajhrazovna Gimranova (Islamova).

Whom: schoolmate Sariju Gajfullovnu Kravtsov (Valiulinu).

year of birth: July 1947.

the Birthplace: Tuimazy, RB.

Last known address: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, street Chubarova, 5/ 1.