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Burnt down Green Terrace Askar Abdrazakov had time to visit and Oleg Kireev

Having accepted the invitation to visit presentation « Green Terrace » in past uik - end, the minister of culture of republic and the Adviser of the President of Bashkiria for culture even could not present that seriously risk life, after all it is less than days after a smart interior of restaurant has turned to the charred brands.

First to Container in Ufa all very much was pleasant to an English star, especially local machoes
the Photo: It is lovely KIJAN

the Ufa beau monde – businessmen, owners of boutiques and the victualers, popular TV presenters (in a hall has been noticed even director GTRK « Bashkortostan » Guzel Ibragimova) – in a big way walked at opening, where in quality « a nail » parties the fashionable English singer Container from London has been invited. By the way, the Englishwoman has left Russia in a semistate of shock: at first – a fire in Ufa, and then - act of terrorism in Moscow!

Businessman Andrey Shmergelsky willingly posed in a smart interior « Green Terrace »
the Photo: It is lovely KIJAN

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