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On January, 20th sales of the seventeenth volume from a collection " have begun; Great artists - Perov

He very much wanted to draw on biblical subjects, but we do not know Vasily Grigorevicha Perov`s these pictures as we know, for example, « Christophany to the people » Alexander Ivanov. And here « Tea drinking in Mytischi » « the Three » (that where children on a sledge drag a butt!) We remember, apparently, from the second class.

Perov was born in Tobolsk on December, 21st, 1833. But on a broader scale it not Perov, and the illegal son of baron G.K.Kridenera. The surname Perov is from a nickname which to it was given by the teacher of the reading and writing, the lay vicar, for good handwriting.

Vasily was disaccustomed at art school in Arzamas where has written, by the way, a picture « the Crucifixion ». In 1860 has received a small gold medal for pictures « the Scene on a tomb » and « the Son of the lay vicar made in the first rank » in 1861 - the big gold medal for « the Sermon in village ».

And here it as has broken through: with 1865 for 1871 he writes « the Monastic meal » « the Seeing-off of the dead man » « the Three » « Arrival of the governess to the merchant house » « Last tavern at an outpost » « the Fisher »... And in 1872 - Dostoevsky`s the best portrait.

But is the most known than it « Hunters on a halt »! You look - and it is clear, about what there at them idle talk goes! As a matter of fact in it also there was a main trick of the amazing artist: to us all its pictures, everything are clear till now that on them people - tramps, lay vicars and the cheerful children harnessed in a butt speak... Very few people was able and is able so loudly to draw.

Perov Has died of a consumption on May, 29th, 1882.

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