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Zvonarevoj the Czech beer

Russian Vera Zvonareva is not pleasant, without reducing speed, moves to the treasured purpose - victory in the Open championship of Australia. In a quarterfinal, without spending superfluous time, it in two sets has crushed sejanuju on tournament by twenty heel the Czech to Peter Kvitovu. It is curious that in last three matches on Australian Open Zvonarevoj got in the competitor of exclusively representative of Czechia, and she one for another has sent all of them home to native knedliks. Except Kvitovoj, a victim of a ruthless racket of our Belief of a steel of Lucy Safardzhova and Ivetta Benesheva.

it has begun the First set with such energy that when Kvitova has come round and has tried to impose struggle, the bill was already 4:0. To win game was a trick. The second set too has begun with three points which have fallen in a coin box of the Russian. Probably, having solved at the bill 3:0, as here all is already made, Zvonareva has relaxed, for what hardly has not been punished. The Czech has rested, has found the game and has managed to take four games successively, it even has come forward - 4:3. Here already the Belief has come round and again has returned the initiative to itself - 6:4.

Belgian Kim Klijsters who has beaten in the quarterfinal poljachku Agneshku Radvansku, but a favourite in this duel, at least on a paper, - the Russian tennis-player became Competitor Zvonarevoj on a semi-final. Belief posejana on courts of Melbourn at the second number, and Kim - the third. The Leah in the second semi-final there will be the Dane of Carolina Voznjatski and the Chinese woman On.

Having made the way in the four of the strongest, the Belief has already corrected the financial status on 417 thousand dollars. In an exit case in the ending the Russian becomes richer on 1 million 93 thousand dollars. The winner of female tournament will receive 2 million 186 thousand.

on a quarterfinal of Zvonareva left with a mourning ribbon as a sign of mourning for victims during act of terrorism in « Domodedovo ». As it has appeared, among victims in this tragedy there could be a girlfriend of Belief on Russian national team Elena Vesnina.

- When I have learnt about tragedy, at once have called relatives and Vesninoj has contacted Lena. It just should appear at this time in « Domodedovo ». But it has changed at the last minute the ticket and has taken off from Melbourn one day later!

on Wednesday in man`s part Australian Open the sensation has burst. A thunder-storm of all and all Raphael Nadal, the first number of crops, could oppose nothing to compatriot David Ferreru. In a duel of two Spaniards great and awful Nadal looked the whipping boy. On a course of a duel Raphael took a medical time - a miss, but to finish a match from - for traumas has not wished, having finished it up to the end. Ferrer has used it and it is surprisingly easy - all in three sets! - has won victory and left in a semi-final. There it was waited already finished with the disturber of calmness Ukrainian Alexander Dolgopolov by Englishman Andy Marrej. The second semifinal pair was made by Swiss Roger Federer and Serb Novak Dzhokovich.


Vera Zvonareva (Russia, 2) - Peter Kvitova (Czechia, 25)       - 6:2, 6:4

Kim Klijsters (Belgium, 3) - Agneshka Radvanska (Poland, 12)       - 6:3, 7:6

Andy Marrej (Great Britain, 5) - Alexander Dolgopolov (Ukraine)       - 7:5, 6:3, 6:7, 6:3

David Ferrer (Spain, 7) - Raphael Nadal (Spain, 1)       - 6:2, 6:2, 6:3