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The messiah have fined for 2000 euros for love to mum

the Halfback Spanish « Barcelonas » Lionel the Messiah has suffered for display, apparently, sacred feelings - love to mum. On Saturday in a match against « Rasinga » it has scored a goal from a penalty and as it is accepted at the football players wishing about something to tell to the world, has run to tribunes, having lifted up on itself a game T-shirt. On the vest dressed under it it has been written: « Happy birthday, mum ».

According to operating rules for infringement of the established form of clothes it is necessary to punish the guilty player a yellow card. However at referee Ignasio Viljanueva serving a meeting the hand has not risen to show a mustard plaster to the owner « the Gold ball » two last years during such touching moment. It has only made corresponding record in the match report.

and here the disciplinary committee of Federation of football of Spain has appeared less sentimental. The messiah has been fined on two thousand euro, and a yellow card to it have entered backdating.   a management « Barcelonas » has already declared that will appeal against against this decision. But anyway the congratulation to mum will not do too big hole in the budget of Lionelja, euro receiving 15 million in a year.