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Winners of the mathematical Olympic Games in China should be engaged in the literature

Fiziko - mathematical lycee 239 that in street Kirochnoj, waits from Heavenly Empire for triumphers - ninth-grader Dmitry Krachuna and eleventh-grader Dmitry Egorov. Children as a part of Russian national team have defeated on the open mathematical Olympic Games China. And Krachun became the absolute leader and in personal offset: he has solved all problems.

- the Guy has typed the maximum quantity of points, - the trainer of children in a mathematical circle Andrey Vorobev has told. - in our national team such result is reached for the first time. Chineses - yes, typed the maximum point, and till now it was not possible to ours.

Dima Krachun - the youngest in group from which are engaged Andrey Vorobev and Dmitry Itsikson. It for two years is more younger the others.

- Because usually in our circle arrive from the fifth class, and Krachun has managed to make it in the third, - Andrey has explained. - In the first year it became clear that it is very talented. It and Egorov - leaders: solve problems most, is best understand our explanations.

In China children managed tasks on geometry, combination theory, the theory of numbers.

are challenging tasks, usual pupils even conditions can not understand, - has grinned Sparrows. - for their decision of school knowledge, can, and will suffice, but it is not enough of it: it is necessary also to think matematicheski. Both Dimy it are able. We, of course, prepared, the Olympic Games of last years looked. At Chineses after all original - technical, there it is necessary to write tasks much. Sometimes the decision occupies not one page.

the Big celebrations concerning victory of Petersburg schoolboys will not arrange. Will eat on the nearest employment of group a cake - and all.

- And what especially to celebrate? - Was surprised Sparrows. Is only the Chinese Olympic Games. Here would be international is yes.

- Children will come to school and will see the announcement, - Lyudmila Grishin has told the director of studies of lycee. - in it - a congratulation on the big victory. We always so do. And further they should be involved in educational process. They from - for this trips should catch up with the program on Russian and the literature.


To the Petersburg mathematician - ascetic Grigory Perelmana Dmitry Krachun and Dmitry Egors are absolutely not similar. Unless talent.

- They from this world, - the director of studies of lycee Lyudmila Grishin laughs. - normal children, not hermits.

- They simply very clever, - one of heads of a mathematical circle Dmitry Karpov has confirmed. - and in the rest - good, pleasant guys in dialogue. Not any wild geniuses, and very sociable. And such happens.


the Petersburg schoolboys come back from China with gold medals to chests. In the Olympic Games on the mathematician children have taken the first places as a part of a national team. In this connection a question:

And than you your children have surprised?

Andrey KIVINOV, the writer, the continuity writer:

- I was more recently amazed with the art taste with daughter Alisa. In the apartment it took and has recoloured all kitchen in bright - green colour. And it did this laborious work not by the platen, and a painting brush. It has turned out very much even not bad.

Anastas MELNIKOVA, the actress:

- every day the daughter surprises me with the neizbalovannostju. I try to indulge her, and at it opposite reaction - becomes even more responsible. She was born in a year of the Horse and such working horsy has turned out.

Yury OHOCHINSKY, the singer:

- Romka and Natali surprise already with that they at me are. And if it is serious, that sincerely love and respect me.

Mark TAJMANOV, the international grand master on chess:

- My children surprise me often with that their Russian appears rich and various, though it of all on six and a half years. It very much pleases me. I to language am very sensitive and exacting, and my wife too. And here from a kindergarten they bring already other words. Recently the word has entered into our use « cool » - I began to understand that it means.

Anatoly OVODENKO, the rector of University of space instrument making:

- last year have held festival of intellectual games. Two thousand schoolboys have taken part in it. Me has pleased and has surprised a high standard of knowledge of our children. And it were not rare singles, and simply mass splash in intelligence!  

Sergey of NOSES, the writer:

- Still as! That grow promptly!

Anton GUSEV, the soloist of group « Diskomafija »:

- I have nine-year nephew Lesha Lebedinsky. So it now in Kronstadt one of the best attacking. Most likely, its next week will translate in school « Zenith ». It all there has attracted and, quite probably, in the future about it will start talking, as about new Kerzhakove or Arshavine.

Oksana KAZAKOVA, the Olympic champion on figure skating of 1998:

- My Ksjusha, despite the early age, and to it only - only will be executed six years, tries to feel on the same level with adults.

Olga LEONOV, the chief of department of the Center on preventive maintenance and struggle against AIDS:

- We worked with homeless children. It were 14 - 15 - summer teenagers. We have found out a HIV in them - an infection. It is terrible! But I was surprised more at all with it. And a status of their soul: nadlomlennost, despair, unwillingness to live. Such deep grief I did not see never even at adults!

Sergey SHEPELEV, the tutor of a kindergarten:

- In my preparatory group children surprise with that we at their age were growth much more above, than. At some already   in six - seven years hundred twenty - hundred twenty two centimetres is much. Modern children understand the computer technics even better adults. And on the other hand - at all do not know old children`s films.