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Native the victim in Domodedovo: it had very short line of life

that fatal day Vadim Izmaylov early in the morning gathered for work. Before leaving has thrown to younger son Denilu: « That to my ward lessons learn! I will come, I will check up! ». But when to three o`clock in the morning it still has not returned, native steels to sound alarm. And in the morning the terrible message has come...

One year ago Vadim was arranged with the driver in a taxi « the Commodore ». In crisis it has lost the business and has been urged, having behind shoulders higher education, to go for this work, to support a family. That day he met one of clients of a taxi …

– It was very modest and fair person, had many friends among whom there were also influential people, but has not dared during that heavy moment someone from them to ask to help with work, always counted only on itself, the forces, – Mother-in-law Elena Izmaylov tells.

Vadim still had wife Irina and two children, Denil of ten years and Cyril to which it was executed twenty. The family head worked as days without feeling sorry itself to provide children and the wife. For it was basic that the spouse was at home with children and conducted an economy.

– they in marriage 20 years, and all this time he did not allow my daughter to work, – the mother-in-law tells, involuntarily selecting turns of speech about it in the present.

his elder son has entered two years ago high school to study as the designer, younger studies in the forth grade and does the big successes in study. It is a merit of the father which helped with study and spent with its almost all free time. Together they went on exhibitions of cars, went to ski, play volleyball. He very much loved family feasts, but 47 - j under the bill New year became for it to the last.

All life of misfortune avoided Vadim, it never pushed luck, went by the car accurately, had never accidents. Only one circumstance always disturbed its native.

– I considered once his hand and have seen a life line, – its mother-in-law Elena, &ndash remembers; It was very short. I then very much was frightened, but he always laughed the matter off and said that does not believe in all these things …

In its final journey spent tens schoolmates, friends and colleagues.

he repeated this phrase constantly: « the Most important thing in life – always to remain the person ».


During act of terrorism in Domodedovo was lost and 23 - summer Haknazarov Murat. At an o`clock of explosion he met the uncle who has brought to him a parcel from parents where there were their photos and medical Of Tajikistan it has arrived 4 years ago on earnings. All money sent to old parents home. They have saved the sum and could buy for it the house on a mortgage. In half a year he wanted to return back, to start to conduct own economy – to raise a potato. Murat stood in metre from the condemned man. He has died in an airport first-aid post an hour later after explosion.

in act of terrorism its compatriot &ndash was lost also; 47 - summer Sabir Dzhabarov. It of all has arrived two months ago to Moscow and was arranged with the security guard in car-care centre. It needed to provide a family. Without the supporter there were three children and the wife.

bodies of both citizens of Tajikistan accompanied by the native have arrived on January, 27th home.