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In the Altay academy of economy and the right now prepare also journalists

What examinations to hand over? How to get on preliminary courses? Than the bachelor differs from the master? The rector of the Altay academy of economy and the right has responded to these and other questions of schoolboys, entrants and parents Leonid Ten .

- I since the childhood dream to become the lawyer, and parents completely support me. But here at school say that and economists it is a lot of lawyers, therefore they cannot find work. What will advise?

-   Economists and lawyers who are professionals of the business, always do not suffice. Graduates of legal or economic specialities have more than chances to find worthy work, rather than at graduates of other specialities. Many receive the second higher education as they work in economic or legal sphere, and it is not enough knowledge. With such education to open the business, and in usual life this knowledge will help easier.

- I heard that in academy will learn now on the journalist. It is necessary to hand over what examinations?

- For receipt results of Unified State Examination on Russian and the literature are necessary. Also it is necessary to pass creative examination in academy. Pay attention that documents are accepted only till July, fifth.

- Hello, I want to become the expert in public relations or in advertising sphere. I can not be defined with a choice yet. How to arrive on these specialities? A leah is preliminary courses?

- Earlier it there were two different specialities, now   one direction of preparation – « Advertising and public relations ». To arrive, you need to pass the Unified State Examination in Russian, social science and history. Preliminary courses in academy are. Training is spent in subjects: History, social science, Russian and mathematics. Employment pass in process of acquisition of groups. To learn the additional information   and to register in courses it is possible by phone (3852 66 - 66 - 12.

- this year all HIGH SCHOOLS pass to two-level higher education, bachelor degree and magistracy system. What changes will occur in academy?

- Multilevel preparation is carried out in academy for a long time already. We prepared both bachelors, and experts,   and masters.   under bachelor degree and magistracy programs   lawyers, economists, computer science, journalists,   will study; experts in the field of advertising and the state and municipal management. Now specialities   remain only in some areas, for example, medicine, « oboronka »   art. In academy remains only   one speciality – « Customs business ».

- Leonid Vasilevich, good afternoon! My name is Andrey. I have finished professional school in 2009. Now would like to receive correspondence juridical education.

- If you have received secondary education in school you should pass the Unified State Examination, because reception of graduates 2009, 2010 and 2011 is carried out only by results of uniform state examination. Till July, fifth you need to come to a selection committee and to take a direction on examination. For receipt on faculty of law it is necessary to hand over Russian, history of Russia and social science.   and those who has received secondary education till 2009, can pass internal examination in HIGH SCHOOL, instead of Unified State Examination.

- What possibilities exist for those who is going to receive the second higher economic education in academy? The first education – the pedagogical. Thanks in advance.

- As you already have a higher education, you have the right to choose one of training variants. The first - reception of the bachelor`s degree, the second - the diploma of the master.   you can be converted into a selection committee with   on June, 1st on September, 16th.

- Prompt, what advantages are given by the International certificate for graduates?

- We co-operate with the International educational society, which   has certificated our basic educational programs. Together with the diploma about the higher vocational training of the Russian sample, we give out the certificate. This document will help you in case you are going to work as abroad.

- Hello, my name is Marina. Now I finish 11 class and wanted to ask you about a direction « Applied computer science in jurisprudence ».

- this year Unified State Examination which it is necessary to hand over for receipt on this direction have changed. If earlier, graduates handed over mathematics, Russian and social science, now - Russian, to the mathematician and the physicist. Be not afraid to hand over the physicist. Even if you will type the minimum point at examination all the same arrive.

- Good afternoon, my name is Olga Aleksandrovna and how the academy helps with employment to the graduates?

- In academy there is a service of assistance to employment.   all students without fail pass uchebno - an industrial practice, without a separation from study. We give places of practice, as at us contracts with the organisations and establishments are concluded.   the student, at will, can become the public assistant. In this case it works in the organisation, truth not for money, and for experience. And when   There is a vacancy the public assistant frequently changes the status for the status of the constant worker.

- Hello, I heard that in AAEP it is possible to study the Chinese language and to pass training in China. It so?

- the Center of studying of the Chinese language and culture at us has opened one year ago. The Chinese language is taught by native speakers.   and employment on culture, philosophies   China our teachers conduct. Recently the first group of students has returned from training at the Chinese university.

All questions interesting you, you can set on an open day in AAEP which will take place on February, 12th, 2011 in 15. 00 hours to the address: Barnaul, avenue of Kalinin, 15 - century

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