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Taxi drivers of Vladivostok have inflated the prices for journey

In the first week of the come year townspeople humbly concerned the price list in cars on a call. With understanding: all - taki drivers have left families in holidays. But New Year`s vacation already far behind, and the tariff in many companies and remained raised on the average on a quarter.

For example, firms « the Antelope » « the Taxi service » « the Taxi online » in the middle of December have placed on the Internet the price-lists of 200 roubles in an hour of a trip. And now dispatchers of these companies estimate service in 250 re. The enterprise « Reputation » has left the minimum price list of 200 roubles. Here only in the end of the last year for this sum it was possible to sweep on distance of 8 kilometres. Now a distance have truncated to 6,5 km. Further for everyone tysjachemetrovku take 18 roubles against last year`s 15 re.

On the one hand it is clear that fuel cost grows in Vladivostok, by leaps and bounds. But after all not for 25 percent, as on carrying service. « has asked to explain a situation the president of seaside association of transport companies Igor Kravtsov.

- Objectively raise the tariff of the enterprise which put up money in motor car park updating, get cars in salons with the left wheel. Work legally, paying to the state taxes, - the leader of the Vladivostok carriers has educated. – but such in capital of Primorski Krai it is possible to count on fingers. The others inflate the prices, as they say, on the quiet.

Really the majority of the taxi companies in official staff have unless the director and the dispatcher. Cars rent or involve drivers who carry vladivostoktsev by own cars. Accordingly, taxes pay « three copecks » For the maintenance of a motor car park also are not spent at all. About quality of services and it is not necessary to speak. It was possible to go by carriers who during movement with enthusiasm typed sms - messages, had dinner sharply smelling fast - fudom.

however, according to Igor Kravtsov, in the foreseeable future it is possible not to be afraid of the further rise in prices for taxi trips:

- In the first, the people began to concern more captiously level of service. In - the second, it is impossible to dismiss consumer ability vladivostoktsev. In January, without considering feasts, taxi drivers stood idle. And if the price list becomes absolutely shocking, people will simply prefer to comfort public transport.