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BAMZ is a Russian brand!

in these prestigious actions enterprise production immutably receives high awards. By estimations of experts, quality of welding technics of the Barnaul factory corresponds to level of the European manufacturers. « » on Altai » has decided to look through filings of numbers to track history of success of one enterprise.

2006. An appreciation

« … today, on December, 20th, in the big hall of administration of Altay territory rewarding of students and winners of two regional competitions &ndash has taken place; « the Best Altay goods of 2006 » and « the Best service of 2006 » and also winners of the federal program « 100 best goods of Russia of 2006 ».

For the first time having taken part in regional competition of quality of Open Society « Barnaul it is hardware - mechanical factory » At once has received some awards. The diploma of the winner is awarded a reducer ballonnyj oxygen one-stage BKO - 50 mini. And diplomas of I degree are handed over factory for such products, as the gate ballonnyj oxygen VK - 94 - 01, kraskopult manual « KROS - 1 » and the complete set of equipment for became sharp on liquid combustible (gasoline) KZHG - 1.

the Appreciation of a commission of experts was commented by the deputy chief of department of Altay territory on the industry and power Vladimir Loktjushov : « Barnaul it is hardware - mechanical factory » - the only thing in Russia the industrial enterprise specialising on release of the equipment for gas are sharp also of welding, and also zapornogo and gazoregulirujushchego the equipment. Today the nomenclature of production let out by factory totals about 200 names. Throughout last years Open Society « BAMZ » Carries out stage-by-stage modernisation of manufacture and masters release of new products. We hope that « BAMZ » also will develop further so dynamically and becomes shortly to one of the most hi-tech and modern enterprises of edge ».

2007. We have subdued Moscow – quality!

« … in Moscow the Barnaul enterprise has been awarded also. In the program « 100 best goods of Russia » at once some names Open Society production « BAMZ » have received the Diploma of I degree.

- This success is natural, the received diplomas reflect a real quality situation of production « Barnaul it is hardware - mechanical factory » - the director Moscow TD « speaks ; the Center of welding technics » Victor Marochkov . – Our cooperation with « BAMZ » Proceeds more than 20 years, and I well know history of this enterprise. In the beginning 40 - h last century it is manufacture was created to provide on purpose gazoregulirujushchim with the equipment all Soviet Union. Thus, scientifically - technological preparation of manufacture was developed and put from the very beginning of enterprise formation – it also is pledge of quality of production. For today in Russia and in Ukraine there are some enterprises which deliver on our market of the reducer, similar products as deliver from China. But any of these manufacturers and nearby is not necessary with the Barnaul factory! To it on quality it can be compared only the European enterprises, but in 2 - 3 times are more expensive than their reducer, and for the Russian market this essential condition. So « Barnaul it is hardware - mechanical » – it is really Russian brand speaking about faultless quality! »

2008. To invent – favourably!

« … for example, on Barnaul it is hardware - mechanical factory every year is accepted more than 40 ratspredlozheny. Economic benefit of their introduction in manufacture – about one million roubles. The gate of a cylinder for szhizhennyh hydrocarbonic gases VB - 2 at the enterprise have improved so that on metal consumption and reliability to this product among the similar equipment is not present equal in all Russia! »

2009. The tradition to conquer

« … also continues to win awards in traditional regional competition of quality the enterprise « BAMZ »   this year the Winner of competition « the Best Altay goods of 2009 »   and the owner of a gold medal of a steel: the valve of a cylinder for szhizhennyh hydrocarbonic gases of KB - 2 and gate VB - 2 ballonnyj for szhizhennyh hydrocarbonic gases. Diplomas of the first degree have received VBU (the gate ballonnyj uglekislotnyj) and a torch welding 2 - 06 « the Babe ».

2010. At the heart of development new technologies

Today has taken place rewarding of winners of regional competition of quality

« … in my opinion, to save immutable high quality of production « BAMZu » the strong engineering structure and constant introduction of innovative technologies in the manufacture » allows; - so the assistant to the head of administration of railway area of Barnaul on economic problems Alexander Pugach considers .

we Will remind that in XIII Regional competition « the Best Altay goods 2010 » in a nomination « Production it is industrial - technical purpose » by diplomas of the first degree have been awarded: the generator acetylene small-sized ambulatory « the Kid » And a cutting torch inzhektornyj for the manual oxygen became sharp 2 - 01 it is cunning ».

2011. A word to the home producer

« … according to professionals of the market of welding technics the enterprises making the autogenous equipment do not have serious support from the state. The steadfast attention is given to high mechanical engineering and military technology manufacture. But, it is not necessary to forget that without a reducer not to weld any metallokonstruktsiju, and the building industry, mechanical engineering cannot do without cutting torches, torches, electrodes and transformers. And if our Russian enterprises cannot stand in a today`s economic situation many leading branches of an economy on 100 % will depend on import of foreign technics. Such enterprises, as « BAMZ » are a basis of our mechanical engineering, them   the role in national economy is very important ».

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